Generac 5000 Watt Portable Generator Model: 5622


The Generac 5000 Watt Portable Generator Model: 5622 can be used anywhere, from your very own living room to outdoor camping sites. It has a wide array of features as well which will ensure that you get the quality of power you need with the least amount of time and work. Here are some of the characteristics and inclusions of the package.

Generac Model 5622 is included in the GP Series, featuring 5,000 running and 6,250 starting watts. The portable generator has a 389cc OHV engine, fold-down handles that lock and wheel kit, hardened steel tube cradle, low-oil shutdown, circuit breaker protected outlets and hour meter with maintenance resets. The model is made in the United States and has been available July 2, 2008 at a low price of only $749.00.

The device can generate a lot of electricity enough to weather the storm, powering items such as a refrigerator, furnace fan, lights and sump pump. The engine also features a brushless alternator. Built-in resets are available so that maintenance checks are done consistently. 5622 also has a steel fuel tank and gauge and mobility kit. It can continue generating power up to 10 hours at half load. The tires can never go flat.

Consumer engine warranty is provided for up to 2 years while commercial engine warranty is available up to 1 year. The engine has 3600 RPM running solely on gasoline. Voltage is 120/240 single-phase with a frequency of 60 Hz. Tank size is 6.6 gallons while the entire device weighs 180 lbs and measures 33.5 in length, 26.5 in width and 27.5 in height.

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