Generac 3500xl Portable Generator


A generator is an investment that every home or business should consider. Especially for those who live in climates that experience extreme temperatures, this could prove to be a life saver. The Generac 3500xl portable generator has many features that are beneficial and will more than meet ones needs.

The Generac 3500xl portable generator is a great option as far as a portable generator. It features a set of sturdy all terrain wheels that will allow it to be easily transported to any area necessary without difficulty.

One of the number one complaints that many will have about generators is the noise they make during operation. Most of them rumble away like a freight train, which can be quite annoying if you are trying to sleep, watch television, or even carry on a conversation. This model features a low tone muffler that allows it to run quietly.

This Generac 3500xl portable generator features a top of the line industrial grade OHV engine that is built to last for years. It is powerful enough to run several air conditioners and have a seven gallon fuel tank capacity with a fuel gauge for convenience.

This is also an easily used generator that offers safety features to give the user added peace of mind. It has an automatic idle control and low oil shutdown in case of low pressure.

No matter what ones need or desire for a generator, this model is sure to fit the bill perfectly. It has all the advanced features, is easily implemented, runs smoothly and quietly, and has a big enough fuel tank that it can run a full energy load for fourteen hours without needing replacement. In most cases, one will not use the entire energy load, so the tank will even last much longer than this.

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