Gel Flex Cycling Gloves


One of our friends decided to send us this review about gel flex cycling gloves:

Gel Flex Cycling gloves

Gel Flex Cycling gloves

I found those gloves really useful, they didn’t cut in and they didn’t squeeze my hands but felt awesome almost like not wearing any gloves at all. And its Texture was truly, ergonomic and they felt very comfortable to wear. These gloves featured gel padding to protect my hands pressure zones. The gel padding made a huge difference to my usage of them and was so much better compared to my old unpadded pair. Especially when holding up a heavy bar. It did protect my hands from being hurt. The gel pockets didn’t feel to full and weren’t bothering me while wearing the gloves.
The gel pockets were lightweight and Segmented, which allowed my hands and fingers to remain flexible. The gloves shape is ergonomic and imitates the natural form of hands, which is a bonus when wearing them. This specific glove model featured well Hidden “Pull off” fingertips which could be fairly easy removed.
The thumb area was mad of sturdy synthetic tough cloth: polyurethane coating I think it was. It surely features very high resistance to cuts and tears.

The gel flex gloves featured also Reflective logos and also reflective piping which added to its general sporty look and was security wise a bonus if used at night.
The upper hand of the gloves were made of synthetic Fabric, the palm fabric was Cool Mesh, which helped my skin breathing.
The glove came in two different colouring black and orange or black and blue…. I decided to buy the blue-black version and they looked very sporty and smart but would have preferred pure black colouring. . Size wise the company offered various sizes from s to XL and I was happy with its sizing guide and the gel flex gloves fitted my hands perfectly.
I used this pair of flex gel gloves to support my weight lifting training and to protect my hands from abrasion. These gloves worked very well for me and I would certainly buy them again.
I especially found the gel pads of the gloves useful as they mould to your hand and offer some protection from the heavy weight and its abrasion.
I also loved the wrist support which the featured wrist wrap offers- its bonus feature is its dual Velcro closure and they fit snuggly around my wrists. I found the Velcro fastener secure and reliable.
Its well design and synthetic fabric makes them gloves machine washable and you can also tumble dry them. They also seem to be weather and water proof as the rain pearls off them when I used them outdoors.
They are very well made and are double stitched throughout the whole glove, which ensure me of its high quality. They are made to last a long time. They also don’t break the bank and are really affordable. I can only recommend them and I am sure anybody won’t regret buying these gloves.
They can be used for numerous sports including cycling, weight lifting, and other sports where you have to protect your hands from injuries.


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