GE Water Softener System


Reviews of General Electric Smart-Soft Technology

The GE water softener system has been around for a long time.


While some companies have come and gone, GE water treatment systems have stood the test of time. There are reasons for this.

When it comes to quality construction and advanced technology, GE water filtration systems make use of both. This allows General Electric to deliver outstanding products for both home and commercial use.

As you might imagine, a company of this size offers many options for consumers. When selecting a GE water softener, the main consideration should be for the size of the family that will be using it. This is the best way to maneuver through the large product line that is currently available.

One of the smallest systems available is suitable for a family of two. It can remove about 27,000 grains of hardness per regeneration cycle.

On the other hand, the largest system is suitable for families of more than four. It is capable of removing about 45,000 grains per regeneration cycle.

GE Water Softener Reviews

All models in the GE product line offer Smart Soft technology. This feature works automatically to make sure there is softened water in the system at all times.

The Smart Soft system uses a low-energy device that provides service for about one-half the energy it would normally take. These units also have handy bypass valve that lets owners use non-treated water for common tasks such as watering the lawn or washing the car.


GE Osmonics System

GE water treatment systems are also available in the GE Osmonics water softener line. A very good option that uses this technology is the Osmonics Autotrol 255/760 Logix Water Softener. This product allows users easy access to its controls, along with a simple-to-use controller.

For home use, most products are priced in the $550 to $750 range, but some units can cost much more.

All General Electric units are built with superior-quality tanks, easy to use control valves, safety bypass valves, and high-quality microprocessor controls that measure and monitor usage.


  1. All models that are suitable for home use come with easy-to-do installation instructions and come complete, meaning consumers do not have to buy extra parts for installation.
  2. Most models also include a feature called: days-to-empty. This device begins to flash once the unit is low on salt, allowing users plenty of time to refill the unit.
  3. Owners will be able to replace salt quickly and easily. GE softeners use, on average, as much as 60 percent less salt than other brands.


The only real disadvantage to GE water treatment systems is they often cost a bit more than what you find with other companies. This higher cost, however, is offset by the higher quality components used by General Electric in the production of their products.

GE Water Softeners Comparison

The common question many owners have is “What is the difference between GE vs Whirlpool water softener?” Both companies do offer a huge product line, encompassing various sizes to fit any family’s need, depending on the size of the family.

Both GE water softner and those produced by Whirlpool offer very easy installation.

The major difference might be in price, some consumer have reported the fluctuation in cost between the two brands depending on different seasons of the year.

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