GE Water Heaters Reviewed


Over the past few years, GE water heaters have been listening carefully to the federal government avocation on energy-efficient products for consumers.

This General Electric company instantly responded by producing green-friendly products. Not only did the company strive to produce a model that was more energy efficient, including GE tankless water heater options, but they also released the first hybrid electric version. Clearly, GE hot water heaters are designed with the environment in mind.

Along with being environmentally friendly, GE heaters are affordable, easy to install, and offers a seemingly endless supply of hot water. Plus, the company is known worldwide for its product quality and dependability and reigns as the top-selling water heater company in the United States.

Each product is designed with the consumer in mind and offers a wide variety of selections depending on the buyer’s individual needs. Overall, these devices help make your home more energy efficient by saving you money on your electricity bill, while refusing to sacrifice quality-all at an affordable cost to home owners.

The Highlights of GE Hot Water Heater

  • The majority of the brand’s models are equipped with self-cleaning features that requires less maintenance than typical products by competitors.
  • You can easily find a model with temperature detection that shuts off the water heater in case of overheating.
  • You more than likely will not have to rely on matches to relight the heater as most use pilot lighting.
  • Most General Electric water heaters also come with SmartShield, which instantly shuts the heater off if flammable items are detected nearby.

GE Tankless Water Heater


The company’s tankless versions are the most recent models to hit stores. These devices are designed to provide a continuous flow of hot water that does not ebb. Specifically, they come equipped with everything from freeze protection to digital controls for ease of use.

Plus, you can easily find tanks ranging from a capacity of 28 to 80 gallons, depending on your needs. Of course, each of these designs is energy efficient and is great not only for your bills, but also the environment.

Tankless models are made for both gas and electric versions.

Other Types

The company offers a variety of models including the popular GE GeoSpring Hybrid Water Heater, which uses approximately 60% less energy than your average model. However, you can also purchase your typical electric and gas versions in the $300 range, making this brand very affordable, especially for the quality.

Some Disadvantages

Despite the numerous pros associated with the GE brand, there is one drawback to purchasing their products – the warranty.

The warranty of General Electric only covers the first year, which is significantly shorter than other brands. However, within that year GE technicians will come to your home to fix your water heater if needed.

In Summary

Overall, GE water heaters lead the field within the United States and are known throughout the entire world for their quality and affordability.

Not only are these products designed to preserve the environment by reducing your energy usage, but they also are designed with safety features to protect your family. You should be aware that the warranty is short-lived, but with this brand and its reputation for high quality, you may not need an extended guarantee at all.

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