GE Water Dispenser Reviews


Refrigerator & Free Standing GE Water Coolers

The GE water dispenser can be found in many homes and offices.


As one of the best-known companies in the home appliance sector, General Electric knows how to build quality products that last.

GE water coolers are no exception to this.

As you might imagine, GE offers a full line of products that will fit any need. From home to office, and just about everything in between, they have it all.

Within this extensive product line are the GE refrigerator water dispenser units. These are perhaps some of the most popular models sold and can be found in many homes and commercial settings.

Best GE Free Standing Water Dispenser Reviews


GE Profile PXCF22RBS

This freestanding GE water cooler provides both hot and cold water. It is Energy Star rated, and built to last. With a modern design style, it fits into any home or office easily.

GE PXCF22RBS offers easy push button operations for hot, cold, or room temperature water. With its release valve, changing bottles becomes a snap.

This model also comes with LED indicators that allow users to monitor the system easily and quickly.

ge refrigerator water dispenser

GE Energy Star GXCF05D

This GE refrigerator dispenser model differs from the above in that it contains a handy storage compartment.

With GE GXCF05D, users can choose between three- or five-gallon bottles. The storage compartment, which is not refrigerated, can be used to keep items and extra cups within easy reach.

Hot water delivery of Energy Star system is suitable for making instant drinks such as coffee or tea. It also comes with a safety feature that helps prevent accidental hot water release.

Both models are suitable for use with the GE water dispenser cup holder.

Benefits of GE Water Cooler Dispensers

There are several benefits to purchasing a bottled GE water dispenser. One of the most important, however, is that getting repair or replacement parts for these units is simple and easy. This cannot be said for all other companies that provide similar devices.

GE Water Technology Commercial Video

Another advantage and good thing is that should the service is needed, one will be able to find a qualified GE repairperson. Again, not all other companies can boast of this.

High-quality construction is yet another advantage to owning one of these delivery systems. This company is known world-wide as one of the very best manufacturers with a long track record of highly successful products.

Those looking for affordable, economical and well-built units would benefit from checking into GE line of water disnpenser products before buying from another company.

For those who do not need five-gallons of water at a time, GE offers units that will accept a three-gallon bottle. This can save consumers a lot of money over the long run, and ensures that water is always fresh.

When compared to other brands, GE water dispensers are priced competitively. In addition, these models do not require extra parts or filters when changing bottles. Simply replace the bottle, and that is all there is to it.


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