GE Standby Generators Review


As the winter rapidly approaches it is certainly time to start looking at your backup power options. Being without lights can be a huge hassle, but worrying about spoiled food, lost heating and having no ability to prepare a hot meal can be far, far worse. 12kw GE standby generators are ideal for mid-sized homes. It is reliable security against any storm and is the assurance you need against any natural disaster that may leave you and your family in the dark.

GE standby generators are extremely compact, eliminating any space issues for installation. With a Symphony transfer switch the unit can manage an extremely high demand, more than that which is typical for most mid-sized households. Owners can run a maximum of two central air conditioners each up to a 4 ton capacity, in addition to all other essential household items.

Many people do not often look ahead given the potential of a power outage. Simply making do with what you have on hand can be dangerous and even fatal. The wrong generator applied for in home use can release significant amounts of carbon monoxide into a closed environment, which is certainly not what you want for you and your family. By selecting an effective whole product that is specifically designed for home use you can be well-prepared and ensure the safety and health of your loved ones.

Whole house generators offer more than safety, they have the ability to generate more power and for longer. With liquid-cooled engines, such as automobiles have, these generators can continue to produce long after their air-cooled counterparts have expired. This means that even a long wait for restored utility services can be accomplished in comfort.

GE standby generators are high-functioning, super-efficient units which have been well-received by numerous consumers and well-rated for its ability to deliver when necessary. The security and safety that you need to make it through the unpredictable may be just a few keystrokes away.

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