GE Smart Water Filter


Safe & Easy to Replace Residential Refrigerator Filtration System

Technology has come a long way and the GE Smart Water filter is proof of that.

Consumers across the globe are becoming more attentive to the quality of water that they drink, and the GE Smart Water filtration system can deliver clean, fresh water into any home or office, and do so at a very affordable price.

The GE Smart Water filters line is extensive and far beyond the scope of this article to expand on each and every item.

It should be noted that for appliances built before 2005, the new item code for these products will change from GWF and HWF to the new code prefix of MWF.

Why Use GE SmartWater Filtration System?

When it comes to protecting families from waterborne diseases and contaminates, the GE SmartWater can be invaluable.


This product line encompasses all entry points from outside water, from point of use (single faucet), to refrigerator dispensers and in-line filters that can be installed anywhere in the home or office.

While the GE product line is extensive, it is not all-encompassing. This means that consumers must spend a little time researching their needs. For example:

The GE water filtration system that is used on refrigerators will reduce or eliminate Giardia, lead, and cryptosporidium. They can also reduce the presence of Mercury, Lindane, Asbestos, chlorine, sediment, and cysts of various kinds.

These devices will normally last about six months before they must be replaced. The exact part you will need will depend on the year and model of your refrigerator.

For point of use purposes, General Electric offers a wide variety of products that are easy to install and very effective in reducing contaminants.

Benefits of GE Smart Water Filters


A very important benefit for those who use these products is that the GE Smartwater replacement water filter is easy to find both online and off-line. When it comes time to change out these devices, you will be able to find most needed parts with ease. This is not always the case with some other manufacturers.

Also, changing these devices is simple and many require no tools at all. The company has developed a “twist and turn” technology that many consumers simply love. Many units can be changed out in less than five minutes.

In addition to point of use devices, the company also offers in-line GE Smart Water plus filters. An in-line filter differs from a point of use device in that it is installed under the counter, directly to the supply line.

In-line devices take a bit more work to install but usually last much longer than point of use devices, which must be replaced, normally, every six months or so.

Consumer Reports and Customer Feedback

Many reviews seem to reflect very happy customers. While a few consider the cost to be above average, the vast majority feel the quality is worth any added cost.

Homes and offices that want to add protection to their drinking water would do well to look into the GE Smart Water filters that are currently available. Considering the amount of work they can do, it will make very good investments.


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