How to Use Gas Grill Rotisserie


Without the ad of gas grill rotisserie, roasting big size turkey or chicken can easily be a challenging task. One of the biggest difficulties with using traditional gas bbq grills is that you have to constantly turn the food sides while cooking to ensure even roasting, no burn outs and accidental flare-ups.

A rotisserie grill with powerful electric motor will make the roast process a lot more automatic and less laborious. It will cook on itself while you actually sit down to relax and enjoy a glass of wine with your guests or family.

If you have a full feature grill, chances are it’s already equipped with a side burner rotisserie. If not, you can always obtain a separate gas grill rotisserie that can be easily installed into most barbeque grills.

More expensive gas grills from brands like Twin Eagles, Fire Magic and Napoleon have in-built infrared side burner rotisseries that are also very simple to use as they provide even heat distribution and require almost no ongoing attention when you roast.

Down the bottom of this page you will find more information on finding a separate rotisserie for your gas grill model.

How to Cook on a Gas Grill Rotisserie

Whether you cook large pieces of poultry, prime ribs, pork chops or legs of lamb, the first thing to ensure is that they are securely punched through the rotisserie skewer right in the center of the weight mass. A good way to make sure everything is balanced is to hold one end of the spit and see if it hangs straight as you keep adding more food. Adjust the balance as you stick in new pieces to the skewer.

The next thing to watch out for is that when on spin, non of the food parts should get close to the fire to avoid flare-ups. You should also place a drip pan just under roasted food to catch any excess fat grease and prevent direct heat from the hot fire underneath.

When things are ready, turn your rotisserie grill on low and slow cooking. Baste the meat with marinade to create tempting glazing if necessary. You can also obtain a kitchen-meat thermometer to better gauge the cooking heat level for best results.

Finding Gas Grill Rotisserie Supply


Now if you already own a gas bbq grill and just want to add a rotisserie to it, the best way to find the perfect rotisserie grill that will fit in nicely is to search for your gas grill’s model number plus the word “rotisserie“.

For Weber Spirit and Genesis gas grill owners, there is a Weber 7572 Spirit Series Rotisserie, which fits both E and S models, including the 300 series grills. This unit has 33″ long bar with heavy duty electric motor that is equipped with counter-balance feature for smooth turning and reduce in motor wear.

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