Gas Grill Reviews of Less Popular Manufacturers


Check the main page for a full list of top gas grill reviews. On this page you will find review and ratings of less well known barbeque grill brands, from manufacturers like Fire Magic, Fiesta and Aussie.

While not being as widely known as major big names, like: Weber, Brinkman, Char-broil or Ducane, these manufacturers offer unique features, selling points and cater towards more specialized needs or user demographics outside of America.

And don’t just assume that because the brand isn’t popular it isn’t good, in fact some of the gas grills reviewed below may well outperform many best selling models.

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Fire Magic Grills – Stylish, Elegant and Functional BBQ Grill
If you want stylish, functional and long lasting bbq grills made for professional chefs and serious barbecue enthusiasts, then Fire Magic Grill in either gas, charcoal or electric grills versions will make the perfect best buy.

Fiesta Grills Review – Pros & Cons of Fiesta Gas Grill
The Fiesta grills product line contains a mixture of features to ensure that all your grilling needs are taken care of. This Fiesta gas grill review analyzes its strengths and weaknesses.

Kenmore Gas Grills – Overview of Kenmore Grills
Kenmore is probably more popular with their freestanding ranges, wall ovens and cooktops than with their line of Kenmore gas grills. This review compares the Kenmore grill in 4 burner range, elite series and the island base modules.


Sunbeam Rocket Grill
Super Fast Cooking Without Cleaning

When you need to buy a portable electric grill that cooks fast, healthy juicy steaks with no cleaning mess, the Sunbeam Rocket grill is definitely your best pick! No other brands can even get close to this Sunbeam indoor grill when it comes to speed.


Thermos Grills by Charbroil – Easy Flame Control
These are series of gas grills by Charbroil, which are liked by many people who enjoy versatile cooking surfaces and controlled flames. The Thermos gas grill is easy to set up, thus it has added bonus as a convenient barbeque griller.

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