Gallant Free Standing Punch bag Review


The gallant free standing punch bag is a free standing bag that has become very popular. Its narrow base gives great freedom of movement, and the quality of the bag is getting great reviews from trainers using this particular bag. We decided to break one out and put it through its paces.

The first thing to discuss is the initial impression on getting it out the box. It fitted together extremely easily, and we had no problems in that respect. We filled the base with water to weight it down, but sand can also be used. It comes in a variety of colour schemes, but we chose the classic black with red detailing.

Upon initially moving round the back we where very impressed by how little room the base took up. It is not as bulky and does not stick out as much as some of the other free standing backs we have come across. This was great for us using it to work on both the outside and the inside. You did not have to worry about stubbing your foot or tripping over a bulky base which we found really great. This is by no means to say it didn’t hold the bag in place though, as we found it to be more than adequate.

The bag itself is filled with fibres and is leather covered giving a very high quality striking experience. We found it to be just as good when hitting low, as well as hitting high so we had no problems in that area. When practising medium power strikes with both hands and feet, combo and speed work as well as timing this bag was fantastic. It had a slight rock to it, encouraging timing work and accuracy. We would definitely suggest this bag fro MMA based work,as an extra fitness aid, or combat sport beginners.

We would not encourage this bag for people who know they are of a heavy weight class, or will be giving a bag an extremely strong strike. It would then move possibly a little too much, causing issues for your accuracy and also the effectiveness of your training.  As some other reviewers on Amazon also commented we would recommend filling it with sand rather than water, as this make sit much more sturdy. The option to fill it with water though does make it a great portable option.

To summarise this is a fantastic bag for people wanting to incorporate a little boxing work into their regular keep fit routine, or MMA beginners and people looking to practice light and medium striking as well as speed work. People looking to develop raw power punching, and heavy shots may be better looking at a different type f heavy bag. However you can not argue with the durability, consistency of strike and general easy of use and versatility from the Gallant Free standing punch bag. It is also very reasonably priced for the quality of manufacturing you get.  8/10


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