Futon Cushions


Decorative cushions for your futon can add some style to your furniture grouping.  Cushions can come in all sizes to fit the different types of futons that are on the market.  The good thing about futon cushions is that they are tufted so that the mattress itself won’t shift. You can buy futon cushions to match the futon cover or you can use other colors that will contrast nicely with your pillows and cover.  Cushions for your futon come in two pieces, the ottoman and the body for better appearance and easy storage.  If you customize the size of your cushions you can certainly create a unique look.

Futon Mattresses can typically last about 6-7 years provided you take care of them correctly.  The average mattress for a bed lasts about that long too. To keep it in great shape you should turn the mattress over from time to time so that it wears evenly.

The nice thing about futons is that you can use them for a variety of things.  They can be fancy or plain.  They are typically only purchased with a mattress.  They will be more comfortable for your guests then a sleeper sofa. Many people choose to put one in their guestroom or living room. Often time’s college students opt for a futon since they are relatively inexpensive and can be moved quite easily.  Also, if you are trying to furnish your first apartment then this will be a good choice as well.

Choosing the room to put the futon in is up to you but no matter what you choose you will be happy with your choice. You won’t have any problem finding the right futon cushions to match your home decor.  Most futon cushions have zippers so that you can remove them and wash them and then replace them.  It makes it easier to keep them clean and also to change covers for a new look. Thanks for stopping by!


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