Fushigi Ball Review


If you’re reading this then no doubt you’ve been either caught up or intrigued by the current Fushigi Gravity Ball hysteria spurred on by the awe and amaze TV commercials. Well for me my intrigue got the better of me and I ended up buying one of these Fushigi Magic Balls for $20.35, which although is more than the direct company price of $19.99, I not only got it the next day and didn’t have to wait the current several weeks for delivery direct from the company, but the shipping was cheaper than the direct purchase route, so I saved myself a couple of bucks there too! Check out the stock and price level links at the end of this Fushigi Ball Review.

How Does The Fushigi Ball Work

Unlike a lot of rumours and speculation floating around out there, yes the ball does work, it’s not a scam and no there are no invisible strings attached to the ball. It basically falls into the fine art of juggling and more specifically contact juggling. Contact juggling is the art of ball and hand / body movements done in such a way so that the ball appears to literally float in the air, however, the secret is that the ball never actually leaves contact from you, it just appears to! Magic.

Is It Hard To Learn

Apart from trying to juggle a few oranges now and again as a kid, I have no experience of juggling, so I was a total beginner. The Fushigi Gravity Ball comes with an excellent DVD, that really takes you through the basics and then some. Obviously, everyone is different, but I really can’t see how anyone couldn’t master the techniques shown enough to get stares of confusion from family and friends. In the start, I must admit, my ‘performances’ were not really good enough and my friends could spot what I was doing straight away. Now that I’m a juggling expert (!) I tried it on my work colleagues and let’s just say I was the talk of the office for the rest of the day. I am still trying to improve my skills and learn some more of the specific contact juggling tricks up from the Prayer and the Levitation and the internet is a great resource for finding unlimited teaching videos for this.

The Good Things

It really is cheap and great value for money for what it is. Let’s face it, it’s not often that you can spend 20 bucks these days where you learn a whole new skill that relaxes and focuses you in the process, get so much enjoyment out of it and get to amaze everyone around you with it. For me the value really is in seeing my work colleague faces that day, absolutely priceless. If you have a cat or a dog, then just wait to see their reactions when you show them.

The Bad Things

I’ve got solid wood floors in my house and having dropped my Fushigi Gravity Ball from a height, I can tell you that they do scratch (but not break which surprised me) so I then performed my beginner practicing with the aid of a duvet beneath which seemed to work out nicely.

Perhaps the worst thing about the Fushigi Magic Ball at the moment is that demand has far outstripped supply and if you are looking to get a rush order direct from the company, well good luck to that thought. Of course, if you are a smart shopper, then my links will show you the place to jump the waiting queues and get a ball quickly.

Hopefully you enjoyed this Fushigi Ball Review and it provided some help for you, now head over to Fushigi Gravity Ball for current price deals and quick delivery, so that you too can start to amaze people with your Fushigi Magic Ball skills.


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