Full Coleman Gas Grill Range Overview


While Coleman is most known for its RoadTrip grills, the full line of Coleman gas grill consists of mainly three types of Coleman portable grills, which can be characterized as: collapsible chassis (with foldable legs), mini light weight portable gas grills that can be carried on handbags, and heavy duty stainless steel units with lots of advanced features that most savvy barbecue lovers would deem to be the basic essentials.

The run down of the 3 Coleman grills range respectively:

  1. RoadTrip (collapsible legs)
  2. Fold N Go (light portable grill)
  3. Stainless Steel (high quality build)
Coleman RoadTrip Grill

Coleman RoadTrip LX blue

The RoadTrip series: compromise the collapsible Coleman propane grill, which is constructed with foldable legs for compact size during transportation on the back of your car. Some larger 2 burner models are also equipped with wheels, towing handles and side tables for easy cooking at the same time. With Coleman RoadTrip grills you get the same enjoyment of cooking on big sized powerful natural gas grills, while still being able to enjoy your succinctly cooked barbeques on the beaches, in the wild, or anywhere you can drive to.

RoadTrip Coleman gas grills give you the grilling power of 20,000 BTUs – equivalent to full sized outdoor gas grill at the fraction of the price. They can be used as freestanding BBQ grills with side tables open for convenient and fast multi-course cooking; or with collapsed chassis – they become small tabletop grills for baking or roasting things like onions, camp nachos, squash, wrapped potatoes, jalapenos, asparagus or other green vegetables on the griddle.

Coleman Road Trip grill can be bought for very affordable prices from around $150 -$300 with the option of cast aluminum or cast iron grates. See this full review of the pros and cons of RoadTrip grills for more details and the best models to choose from.


Coleman Fold N Go

The Fold N Go series: are perhaps the most compact and lightest single burner Coleman portable gas grill range. They can easily cook for 4 or even up to 6 people with just small 16.4 ounce propane tanks, and can weigh in total as little as 11 pounds – obviously something even a child can happily carry around by his or her side. This types of Coleman portable grill are built with lids in the shape of a dome for maximum heat retention and distribution across the cooking surface when cooked with lids down. You can also by additional grill parts and accessories such as stove grate, griddle or carry case which are all great for on-the-go occasions, such as sporting events, tailgating, Rving, beaches, etc.

Even mini sized Coleman gas grills such as the Coleman Fold N Go InstaStart Portable Grill (with compact dimension of 16.6 x 14.5 x 6.8 inches) come fully equipped with matchless electric ignition system and provides a whole 6,000 BTU of burning power and fast heating for its amazingly tiny footprint – something you can easily slide into your ordinary handbags. This Coleman Fold N Go grills is best used for making quick hamburgers (it can easily fir 4 at a time), preparing bacon breakfast in the balcony of your condo living or simply have it available on the back of your car whenever you feel like barbecuing.

The Fold N Go’s light weight is much thanks to use of light sheet metals. While these sort of quality may appear like cheap and low-end Coleman camping grills, most people are quite happy with how its built. It is suggested that you do thorough cleaning to prevent rust and be careful not to cut your fingers accidentally during the process, because there are quite many dangerous sharp edges.


The Stainless Steel series: such as the Coleman gas grill Master Mariner™ or Shoreside™ 2-Burner Portable Marine Grill (which sell for around $350-$500) are more powerful and high end models. Coleman stainless steel gas grills are fully built with useful features such as: InstaStart™ ignition technology – which ignites with just a single push of a button so you don’t have to worry about matches; integrated temperature gauge in the stainless lid latches that completely secure the whole grilling space when closed for total control and preciseness any good chef would like to have.

Coleman stainless steel grills are all solidly built and claimed to endure decades of hard use with their mirrored 304 stainless steel used to construct the inner components and the outer case. Solid quality also has its downside and that is its heavy weight – which make them not so well designed for light camp grilling or frequent travelers. So the best use for the stainless Coleman gas grill is perhaps in the balcony of your apartment or on the back garden of your house.

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