Free weights equipment – Are they better than machines?


Many people wonder if they should start off their exercise equipment with expensive machines or free weightsIdeally you primarily work out using dumbbells and keep machine use to a minimum.

Dumbbells are excellent for use in cardiovascular training also and are relatively inexpensive. 

Free weights promote faster gains in muscle strength than do exercise machines because they force sets of muscles to work, whereas the machines focus on one specific muscle. 

However, dumbbells also require more balance and coordination, but they are more versatile and allow for a greater variation in the range of motion you use in your workout.

Free weights are the easiest pieces of exercise equipment to store. 

They don’t take up very much room and can be easily stored on the floor or shelf of a closet. Some of these dumbbells are rubber encased while others are vinyl or neoprene. 

You can also choose to purchase them in sets of varying sizes or in pairs.

If space is a concern you might want to consider adjustable dumbbells. As the name suggests you can adjust these dumbbells by adding or removing weights in 5 pound increments. 

This gives you the option of setting up a full home training routine with one pair of dumbbells. The most popular brands are the powerblock adjustable dumbbells and bowflex .

Before you select a certain size of weights, you should carefully consider your fitness requirements and the amount of money you want to spend. 

Most people should start off with a lighter set of weights and work up from there.


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