Floor Cushions: A Modern Trend


A new trend has been popping up in modern homes quite frequently and is particularly prevalent among younger people. Floor cushions are replacing chairs and couches as pieces of furniture in every room from the dining room to the den, or the bedroom to the playroom.

One reason people are using floor cushions is because of the high cost of traditional furniture. The high cost of furniture for seating is unattractive to some in today’s economy. Spending large sums of money for such a utilitarian item just does not fit most budgets. Cushions, however, can be purchased for a fraction of the cost and can provide a soft sitting area for family or guests.

Floor cushions are also quite versatile for smaller homes, apartments, or dorm rooms. They come in a wide variety of materials form sheepskin and maize to several types of woven fabrics. They may be purchased in solid colors or prints to match the décor or may be embroidered with meaningful designs. Bright colors and patterns suitable for a child’s room are easy to find and provide seating that can be rearranged quite easily for different activities.

These cushions can also be found in almost any shape, including round, rectangular, and oblong, and are available in sizes that would fit most body shapes. One of the greatest benefits is that while these cushions substitute for traditional seating, they can be stacked or moved quite easily. If a space needs to be cleared very quickly, they may even be stored in a closet or under a bed until needed.

They are firm enough to support the body for long periods of time, and, when given the choice, guests often find them more comfortable than wooden seating options. Another reason to consider cushions is that wooden furniture is often bulky and noisy, but cushions are never hard on floors or carpet.

Humans, however, are not the only creatures in need of a soft place to rest. Family cats and dogs could also use cushions to soften hard floors. Pet cushions are made specifically with them in mind and can be purchased in a variety of designs which fit into the décor of a particular room.

Although sitting on the floor may not fit the lifestyle of the elderly, this relaxing new trend is certainly catching on in all other generations and will likely be seen in most modern homes, schools, or businesses in the near future.


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