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If you’re like most women, you’re concerned with the shape of your body. For many women, it is the backside that is the problem—the back of the thighs and the buttocks. Yet while frustration has been the average means of existence for many ladies, a new revolution in body shaping has begun to happen. It is found in the form of a convenient mini skirt-like apparatus known as the Flex Mini®. This amazing little garment actually enables you and many other women to achieve real butt and thigh toning results any time of day.

We know, it sounds crazy. Receive toning benefits while I sit at my desk, get ready to go out, relax on my couch, or do my housework? Yes, it’s true, precisely because of the Flex Mini® use of an FDA cleared muscle toning technology known as Electric Muscle Stimulation or EMS. The Flex Mini’s® customizable, medical grade EMS technology, with user-controlled intensity settings from 1 to 99, is proven to offer firming, lifting, and toning benefits to your backside in an eminently convenient and easy manner: you simply have to wear it inconspicuously under your normal clothes!

To be sure, we understand if the brief overview we have given here has excited you and you’d rather go straight to the official website, www.FlexMini.com, than read more of what we have to say on the matter. It is certainly fine with us if you decide to visit their informative and attractive website. However, you are also welcome to keep reading our synopsis here. Either way, don’t let the opportunity pass you by.

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Medical Grade Technology
EMS toning technology is and has been used in the medical field for over thirty years as a rehabilitative means. In fact, the makers of the Flex Mini® and other Flex® products have been involved in this process all along, with their EMS devices in over 5000 clinics worldwide. This company has simply extended its reach beyond health professionals’ offices and into the homes of average individuals by offering the first FDA cleared EMS device of its kind, the Flex Mini®. We should explain briefly that EMS is incredibly effective but also very simple. EMS devices such as the Flex Mini® emit gentle electric pulses that repeatedly tighten and release your muscles.

And when it comes to proven results, the Flex Mini® couldn’t be more convincing. A clinical study involving over 500 women was conducted to test the Flex Mini’s® benefits.
After less than 8 weeks the device exhibited amazing results among those who used it:

• 100% of users said it worked
• 92% of users say it is easy to fit into their daily routine
• 90% of users saw an improvement in their body shape
• 90% said they were firmer and more toned
• 90% said the backs of their legs were tighter
• 80% reported that their clothes felt looser
• 80% said their bottom was more uplifted

Yet another study compared the benefits of Flex Mini® with the benefits of normal routines, separating test subjects into two separate groups:

• Participants who utilized the Flex Mini® 5 times per week for two months.
• Participants who performed 60 leg lifts on each side 5 times a week and did NOT use the Flex Mini®

Can you guess what happened? The Flex Mini® group experienced better results in both strength/endurance and visible cosmetic aspects.

Click here to read more about these clinical results on the official Flex Mini® website.
It isn’t a surprise to anyone that ladies everywhere are scrambling to figure out how to fit body trimming measures into their busy and crowded daily schedules. But it might be a surprise to some people to find out that a product such as the Flex Mini® gives individuals the chance to tone the backs of their thighs and buttocks in a passive manner. There really isn’t a way to calculate how this kind of convenience and effectiveness will be helpful to such individuals.
Website In Focus
Nowadays, just about every product has an official website. Each site says something about its product and when it comes to the Flex Mini® there is a lot of good to be said. The official website, www.FlexMini.com, catches the eye with its attractive design and captures the attention with its informative text, video, and photographs. Plus, as one of the only place to order the Flex Mini®, this site becomes the visitor’s gateway to a new chapter in her body toning experience. When you visit www.FlexMini.com you will find out about the amazing 60 day satisfaction guarantee and two year warranty offered by the manufacturer as well as the bonus magazine subscription that comes with the purchase of the Flex Mini®. Even more importantly, you will see both the user testimonials and professional endorsements posted here.

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We know that you are probably no different than the next person and that the cost of achieving your body toning goals is acutely relevant to you. However, we are happy to inform you that attaining medical grade, FDA cleared EMS toning method is actually quite affordable. The Flex Mini® costs $199 and, again, comes with the 60 day satisfaction guarantee, two year warranty, and bonus one year magazine subscription (either to ELLE or Fitness magazine).

But that’s not all. If you go in on a purchase with a friend or decide to make the Flex Mini® a gift for someone, you will receive an immediate discount for the multiple purchase. Plus, if you add to your Flex Mini® purchase another Flex® product, such as the Flex Arms® or Flex Belt®, you’ll pay only $129 for the extra unit. You could continue to spend money month after month on other less effective and less convenient methods, or you could take decisive action today in your effort to tone your backside by buying the Flex Mini®.
• Device is clinically proven to work for 100% of users
• FDA cleared, the only device of its kind to enjoy this clearance
• Offers discreet toning method that can be used throughout the day
• Provides firming, lifting, and toning benefits for the backs of thighs and buttocks
• Amazing 60-Day Money Back Guarantee and two year warranty
• Medical grade EMS toning for only $199, discounts for multiple purchases
• Bonus magazine subscription
• Not sold through local stores – only available on the Official Flex Mini® website

You can visit our full Flex Mini site by clicking here

OR – You Click Here To Purchase Directly from Our AbBelts.com Store


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