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Have you been trying to tighten your abs but only end up with sore muscles? Are you trying to hide your midsection under a T-shirt? Has your career kept you away from the gym? No worries. The Flex Belt just might come to your rescue.

Fitness buffs still honing defined abs might want to take a serious look at the Flex Belt. Supported by extensive celebrity endorsements, the Flex Belt requires about 30 minutes a day to produce results. The Flex Belt uses medical technology similar to proven physical therapy techniques using EMS (electronic muscle stimulation). Based on patented muscle stimulation technology, the Flex Belt is also recommended for new moms, those close to weight loss goals or workers who sit behind a desk all day.

The Flex Belt uses a mini computer to relay signals to the medical grade gel pads placed under the belt. Electronic Stimulation Signals (EMS) cause nerves to contract and release muscles. Results of this action increase muscle tone and strength.

Unique Features
The Flex Belt is the only product of its kind using medical grade technology to create the highest quality product. The system is supported by clinical trials and research with all participants noting improvement in abtoning. It is also cleared by the government FDA as a toning device.

Pros and Cons

  • 60 day money back satisfaction guarantee
  • Testimonials from well-known trusted sources such as Weight Watchers, nationally known fitness magazines and professional athletes
  • Over 200 million world-wide users
  • Made by established medical device manufacturer
  • 2-year extended warranty

While the cost of about $200 may sound high, the quality of other ab belts using EMS is an important factor. Most are similar in price but do not come close to the medical grade quality of the Flex Belt. Other considerations include the cost of a gym membership as well as the inconvenience and time required. After examining all the information, an informed decision should be made on a personal level to determine if the Flex Belt best suites an individual’s needs.

Consumers should keep in mind that the Flex Belt, or any other device, cannot perform medical miracles. For people who are in decent physical condition and maintain a healthy diet, the flex belt should help achieve desired results. For people who sit around eating fattening snacks all day and hope wearing this belt will cause weight loss—nada. It is designed to tone the abdominal area. It is intended to assist people who do not have the time or desire to do the exercise pinpointed for the abs.

Items included

  • The Flex Ab Belt
  • Rechargeable power supply unit
  • Gel pads
  • Belt extension for larger waistlines
  • Carrying case
  • Instructions manual

Bottom Line
For those buyers who might be interested in the Flex Belt, keep the guarantee in mind. One of two scenarios should happen. Either the product works and you will be satisfied or you return it and get your money back. That makes it is a win-win situation for the consumer. Other Flex Belt products are available on line on the Flex Belt home page. Additional supplies such as replacement gels pads or systems focused on toning other areas of the body are also listed. Check for additional contact information, product details and other and resources at the official website.


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