Fiskars 6201 Lawn Mower Reviews


Best Lawn Mower Reviews – Fiskars 6201

Fiskars 6201 best lawn mower reviews

Fiskars 6201

Best Lawn Mower Reviews – Fiskars 6201 Overview

The new 18 – inch five blade Momentum Fiskars 6201 is one of the latest additions in Fiskars’ line of lawn care equipment. This push reel lawn mower is advanced as it gets compared to other traditional push reel lawn mowers in the market today. Using highly innovative technology combined with excellent ergonomic designs, Fiskars Momentum offers high class cutting performance. With its exclusive Stay Sharp blades, the Momentum has more cutting power, greater width cutting range, excellent side edging, easy to push, and easy to adjust to match the user’s cutting preferences. Best price at AMA

Best Lawn Mower Reviews – Fiskars 6201 Features

  • Stay Sharp Blades – no blade maintenance needed and its blades are designed to effective cut grass even without touch in order to significantly reduce the push force of about thirty percent. The Stay Sharp Blades offer long lasting performance more than any types of reel mower blades in the market.
  • Inertia Drive Technology – this is a patent pending technology that can deliver double the cutting power compared to traditional reel mowers. This can blast through weeds, twigs, and other tough spots that would otherwise block ordinary reel mowers.
  • Versa Cut –  this is also a patent pending design that provides excellent cutting superiority with cut height adjustments from 2.5 cm to 10 cm. This also has the closest side edging than any other reel mower.
  • Padded handle bars with height adjustable handle. The three dimensional grip also has multiple hand positions making it one of the most ergonomic push reel mowers in the market.
  • Ergonomic handle design with one touch height adjustment, forward grass discharge chute and 1 inch to 4 inches cut range. The powerful chain drive is integrated with all steel gears for added durability with sealed cartridge ball bearings.
  • Longer wheel base for additional stability and ensure a well leveled cut.

Best Lawn Mower Reviews – Fiskars 6201  Key Benefits

  • Superior Stay Sharp Blade Technology using three ground blades that becomes sharper the longer it is used on cutting grass. The Momentum is using hardened steel blades with meticulously designed ground edges.
  • The blade design also has twice the cutting power that can easily run over twigs and dense grass without leaving patches.
  • The forward throw operation of this reel mower results to a mess free operation.

The Fiskars 6201 Momentum reel mower is much easier to use compared to other ordinary reel mowers because of its Stay Sharp cutting system. This patent pending technology has been designed to precisely cut grass even without the blades touching which significantly reduce friction and the normal blade wear and tear. This means that you can enjoy a long lasting performance from your reel mower minus the cost of annual blade sharpening.

Best Lawn Mower Reviews – Fiskars 6201 Conclusion

All in all, this is a fairly good deal for approximately $191.27. With all its combined features and product benefits, the Fiskars 6201 Momentum certainly offers the best in reel mower category. This is also a manually operated mower so if you are looking for something that has absolutely zero emission, the Momentum is highly recommended. Best price at AMA

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