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The Fire Magic grills have become the most sumptuous barbeque delights in the backyards ever since the late 1930s. There are many companies which offer superb designer stainless steel fire grills which promise to dramatically boost your patio decor as well as indoors. This article is an overview of the types of Firemagic grills that can be found in the market today.

First, a Fire Magic bbq grill can suit any opulent home. You can easily accentuate your landscape with the stylish elegant stainless steel design. The same time, these grills assist the artistic epicure with an array of amenities such as epicurean smokers, turkey frying kits, cast iron griddles and smart tool sets.

Ever since 1937, the Fire Magic grill has set apart high standards for barbeque grilling. You can now entertain your family and friends without the hassles of cleaning messy indoors once the party is over.

The line of barbecue cookers comes in a wide range – from state-of-the-art Fire Magic gas grills to Fire Magic charcoal grills and Fire Magic electric grills. Currently Firemagic manufactures three series of grills – Aurora, Echelon, and Legacy.

  1. Aurora series comprises of cast stainless burners which are 5 times thicker than other brands, and have a lifetime warranty. The grids are that of stainless steel, which are burnished, giving these a kind of non-stick surface.
  2. Echelon series has award winning features like an integrated smoker, Halogen lights, digital thermometer, advanced backburner and cook zone dividers.
  3. Legacy series comprises of several types of grills like charcoal, countertop and deluxe grills.

Features of Fire Magic Gas Grills


These Fire Magic grills have become well-known for their looks, reliability and functionality. Incorporated with the latest technology, you will have a great experience from the time you light the burners to the time you pull out the evenly cooked meat from your grill. Fire gas grill works on propane gas, but natural gas is the most beneficial, especially if you want to keep your grill stationary and have an underground gas pipe line.

However, you have to ensure that you don’t mix up the two gases because propane and natural gases require different temperature to light up. So, if your gas grill is fitted for propane but you are using natural gas, then it could be dangerous and lead to accidents. The Fire Magic gas grill is perfect for a large gathering as you can rotisserie a couple of turkeys at a time. The only issue with this is that it needs a huge cooking area and is expensive.

Features of Fire Magic Charcoal Grills

Fire Magic Charcoal Grills

Fire Magic Charcoal
Built-in 30 Inch Legacy Grill

These grills are designed for people who believe that smoke, fire and charcoal are the best way a barbequed food can taste. Even though many people are turning towards the gas grills, but true connoisseur still wants the charcoal and smells the aroma of charcoal grilling the meat. There is a variety of options available right from the portable to built-in models. In charcoal grills, the temperature varies according to the amount of charcoal you have used and also according to the time it has been burning. The grids are textured, non-stick, made of stainless steel rods with a diameter of 0.3125 inch. These grids are additionally backed up by 0.375 inch cross rods. They come with a lifetime warranty on cast stainless steel burners, stainless steel case and cooking grids.

Features of Fire Magic Electric Grills

Fire Magic electric grill

Fire Magic Electric
TableTop Grill – E250t

The electrical versions of Fire Magic grills come with a high heat density that reaches up to 725 degrees. They have stainless steel housing with a warming rack. This design is great for boats, condos and apartment balconies where open flame is not allowed. It features a large heating element for faster and hotter cooking. The body is insulated and a precision thermostatic control system is present. It comes with a lifetime warranty of steel burners, cooking grids, and the steel housing. The only disadvantage is that it requires an electric source and lots of space.

Overall, Fire Magic models are a mixture of paramount functionality and style. If you want grills which last for a lifetime, then you should opt for Fire Magic grills.

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