Finishing Touch Flawless Review – As Seen On TV Buyer’s Guide


Finishing Touch Flawless hair remover review: An ideal addition to your daily skin care

Finishing Touch Flawless hair remover is developed and marketed by Idea Village Products Corporation. The company launched in 1999 is a popular As Seen on TV Company catering innovative and highly useful products to customers. Based in Wayne, New Jersey, the company’s products are of premium quality and affordable aimed at solving the day to day problems that customers face. The company uses aggressive marketing strategies ensuring a wider reach for its products and higher sales.

Finishing Touch Flawless is one of the unique and innovative products from the company. It is a discreet, sleek and painless hair removal product that is introduced in the wake of the success of products such as ‘Yes! Finishing Touch’ and Lumina.

Finishing Touch Flawless is an easy and efficient tool to remove facial hair and body hair. Instead of painful and irritation causing procedures like waxing, the Flawless hair remover is a painless and discreet hair remover that works effectively and effortlessly.

Does Finishing Touch Flawless work as its makers guarantee? Here is a detailed review of the product to help you decide whether it really the Gold Standard in removing facial hair or not.

Important feature highlights of Finishing Touch Flawless

Finishing Touch Flawless is a hair removing tool that works on hair present in your body and face. It is designed to remove hair painlessly and quickly unlike traditional hair removing methods. Here are some of the feature highlights of the product:

Dimensions and weight

The Finishing Touch hair removing tool is a handy and compact tool with dimensions that include 1 inch x 1 inch x 4.5 inches and it is very light in weight, weighing just 4 ounces.

Flawless Design

The Flawless hair remover is designed to look stylish and discreet. It is very compact so you can carry it easily in your bag without it being conspicuous. In fact, it is shaped exactly like a lipstick that anyone coming across it would easily mistake it for one.

The hair remover head is made of 18 karat gold plating. The gold plating ensures a sturdy design and gentle action on skin. The hair remover is very light in weight and designed aesthetically and ergonomically ensuring you find it easy to handle it without hassle. The product package includes one hair removal device with cover, an AA battery and a brush for cleaning the head.

Smart Butterfly Technology

The Flawless hair remover uses innovative Butterfly technology. This assists in removing hair by paring it microscopically via a head that uses spinning movement. The technology ensures the cutting end does not touch the delicate skin in the face.  The hair remover is approved by dermatologist and while it is not a razor, epilator, hot wire or laser, it works via Butterfly technology providing complete hair removal. It is designed to be safe on all skin tone types.

Non-irritant and effective

The safe butterfly technology ensures you can remove all unwanted hair in your face without leaving behind irritation, discomfort or redness. Unlike other hair removing products and procedures which leave behind redness or irritation, this device does the work painlessly.

Smooth action

The Flawless hair remover is powered by a single AA battery and when turned on, the rounded disk or head of the remover starts spinning and by gliding it over your face in circular movements you can make all your peach fuzz disappear. And the device removes hair in one single sweep. The mesh screen on the outer surface lifts hair gently and the spinning wire cuts the hair.

Travel Friendly package

The compact, battery operated and sleek device is easy to carry with you wherever you go. So you can take it along for vacations and occasions that you need your skin to look flawless and smooth.

Cleaning and maintenance

The gold plating prevents bacterial build up and the screen mesh can be removed and cleaned. Further the company also provides replacement heads at an affordable price, if you want to replace them.

Where is Finishing Touch Flawless Manufactured?

Finishing Touch Flawless is made by Idea Village based in Wayne, New Jersey. The company manufactures and markets the product mainly in the ‘As seen on TV’ segment. The manufacturer offers a money back guarantee of 60 days. For complaints regarding the product the customer service can be contacted at the number 866-972-4739, or you can also email to the following address:

Pros of Finishing Touch Flawless

  • Easy to use
  • Compact in size
  • Stylish and sleek gold plated design
  • Does not cause redness, irritation or pain
  • Affordable price

Cons of Finishing Touch Flawless

  • Does not remover facial hair completely
  • Is not effective for coarse hair removal. Works only on fine hair.
  • Battery needs to be replaced frequently
  • Quality is not good

Customer reviews

Customers who have used Finishing Touch Flawless find that it is very good in removing facial hair without causing irritation. While conventional hair removing methods like waxing leave behind severe irritation on sensitive skin types, Finishing Touch Flawless is very safe to use.

The operation is easy with just a single button for on and off. However a few customers feel that it is not as effective on coarse hair removal as it is on fine hair. It is just a small sized electric shaver but packaged in a more attractive and small form. And many mention that it leaves behind offending stubble.

Bottom Line

Finishing Touch Flawless is a good choice, if you want to have a smoother and exfoliated skin surface even if the hair removal is not on par with what you get using a conventional razor. The compact size, ease of use and affordable price make it a good purchase, one which you can easily and stylishly carry around.

But at the same time the device, which is innovatively designed to appear like a lipstick, may not be the ideal choice, if you have coarse hair or want results like when you use a razor. And with alternatives like Philips, Remington and Panasonic models available at a much lesser cost, the advantages may not measure up that much.



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