Fingerless Tactical Gloves


One of the most popular styles of tactical gloves are fingerless tactical gloves.  And for very good reasons.

The thing is: people want protection, but they don’t want to lose their manual dexterity.

A good balance of protection and dexterity

Fingerless tactical gloves minimize the reduction of manual dexterity that occurs with any pair of gloves.  But they also give you a fair amount of protection – especially when you close your hands or clench your fists.


Many fingerless tactical gloves are used for rappelling or climbing.  In those applications, it’s imperative that the palms are protected by heat-resistant materials.

Friction-resistant palms reduce or eliminate rope burn.  This means your (and your partners) will be safer during rappelling or belays.  Without gloves, belayers may involuntarily let go of the rope if friction gets too high.  Rope burn can cause falls; fingerless rappelling gloves protect against this eventuality.


Others like to use fingerless tactical gloves as shooting gloves.  Again, it’s a good balance between protection and dexterity.

With fingerless gloves, your trigger finger is not impaired.  And, it is easier to manipulate ammunition or other small objects.  But you still get some protection against the impact of recoil and against other sorts of impact damage or abrasions.


Many popular brands of tactical gloves offer a fingerless version.  One example is the Hatch Reactor hard knuckle gloves.

But some folks just cut the fingers off lower-cost gloves to make their own fingerless gloves.  Although it’s debatable whether these homemade fingerless gloves are ‘tactical’, they’re often the simplest and best choice for hot weather wear when resistance to friction or impact isn’t the primary concern.


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