Finding the Perfect Bunk Bed for You


Finding the Perfect Bunk Bed for You

There’s nothing more fun for children and economical for parents than owning a bunk bed. Kids adore playing in and on these beds and the amount of space they save in the room can be used to play more freely, add furniture or simply leave open to give a feeling of spaciousness. Choosing the right bunk bed begins with a fundamental choice between a metal or wood style. Wood tends to have a “warmer” feel and blend well with other wood furniture in the room while metal is more minimalistic yet sleek and unobtrusive. Perhaps equally important is comfortable your children think they’d feel in their new beds because after all, they’ll be sleeping in them! Choosing the right style is also a matter of your or your children’s needs. Luckily, we carry just about every conceivable arrangement of beds including full over full bunk beds, futon bunk beds, loft beds, desk bed combos and even elaborate models that will ignite your children’s imagination! And because every room, style and personality is different, we’re pleased to offer our high-quality bunk beds in a variety of colors. Browse through our colorful selections below.

Selecting the Right Style

Bunk beds are more than practical pieces of furniture; they’re symbols of bonding and camaraderie between children and adults alike. Sharing a sleeping space has brought brothers and sisters, college students and soldiers together since the beginning of time. A bunk bed is honestly just more fun than a regular bed. Children LOVE climbing the ladder, trading bunks and playing games to which standard beds simply don’t lend themselves. Even an adult will admit that there’s a certain excitement in ascending the ladder to their top bunk perch.

These beds make a wonderful addition to any home. In contrast with two separate, standard beds, they only occupy the floor area of one bed and efficiently utilize vertical space to remove clutter the room, leaving you free to place other important items in the freed up space, or to simply keep the area open. The gap between the top and bottom bunks also contributes to a feeling of spaciousness that a totally solid object is unable to reproduce.

They come in a wide array of materials, styles, colors and price ranges. Some are wood; some are metal. Some models come with built-in cabinets and drawers; others have a futon for a bottom bunk and yet another model features bunks that are perpendicular to one another.

Well, in case you haven’t noticed yet, bunk beds are our overriding passion and we’re happy to say that we’ve now become the #1 online store in the US! We carry just about every type of model you can imagine and our customer support is second to none. We consider it our pleasure to help you find the most high-quality, affordable bunk beds to fit your distinct needs and sense of style.


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