Finding The Best Squat Rack


The squat rack is one of those pieces of fitness equipment that you don’t commonly think about having and using at home. It is definitely not one of the more commonly purchased items for a home gym. It is however one of the better pieces of equipment that you could buy for doing certain types of exercises. The most basic of those exercises is the squat. If you are trying to strengthen your legs and your quad muscles doing squats as one of the best exercises to fully work those muscles. Doing a squat with a bar that has weights on each end is very unsafe without using some type of rack that can hold the bar and support the weight of the bar. This is to help prevent you from becoming seriously injured while lifting the weights.

The squat rack works by holding the bar while you place the desired amount of weight on each end. After doing so you can position your body to lift the bar using her legs. You want to either place the bar on your back across your shoulders or on your front across your shoulders. It is generally much safer to place it on your back unless you are lifting very light weight. Once you have lifted up from the rack you can perform your squats in the desired number of reps before placing the bar back on the rack. If you tried to lift the amount of weight, that you would use to squat, from the ground you most likely would cause serious injury to your back.

There are a couple of really good squat systems that you can buy from The Powerline squat rack is one of the best that you can buy and is reasonably affordable. I would consider this to be in the category of cheap squat racks even though they are good quality. The first one is the Powerline PSS60X squat rack and is sold for $154. It has excellent reviews from customers that have purchased this product. The next product is the Powerline PPR200X Power Rack and is on sale for $329. It has a five star rating at from 14 customer reviews.

Some other types of squat racks you might want to consider are the Marcy squat rack and maybe even a used squat rack from someplace like or If you do buy a used product you want to make sure that it is still in good condition so that you can remain safe while using it. I would strongly recommend not making some type of homemade squat rack because one little error in your design and you could suffer life-threatening injuries. Just make sure to do your research before buying a rack to help you do squats.


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