Find the BEST Ab Belts for You!


There are so many types of Ab Belts on the market these days. There are cheap ones, there are high quality ones, and there are even FDA Cleared, Medical Grade Ab Belts that are now available to consumers. How do you know what type of Ab Belt is going to be the best and produce results for you?

At the end of the day most people are looking to gain a more toned, tight and firm abdominal area from using an Ab Belt. Who doesnt want a more attractive stomach. It is one of the most common problem areas to keep in shape and it is also one of the sexiest body parts on people who have good abs.

For most people, you need to spend a lot of time working your abdominal muscles to get them looking flat, toned and firm. It is not an easy body part to get definition on. This is why there are endless types abdominal workout routines and ab machines for consumers to choose from. It is also why the emergence of Ab Belts has become a popular addition to the market. The concept of letting an Abs Belt do the work for you is very enticing.

So the question is: which Abs Belt is the right one for you. These are several different types that perform different actions:

EMS Belts 

These are Ab Belts that use Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) to send electrical currents out to the muscles in your stomach causing them to relax and contract. There are some really cheap EMS belts out there and there are also some amazing ones that are FDA Cleared, clinically proven and medical quality. In the EMS market, Dr. John Porcari is considered one of the most knowledgeable medical professionals. He has studied most of the EMS Ab Belts that have come and gone and he has conducted over 20 third party clinical trials in his career. His favorite EMS Ab Belt is The Flex Belt® because he considers it the most effective and the best engineered.

Click here to watch a video to see what Dr. Porcari has to say about The Flex Belt®.

Vibrating Belts

 These types of Abs Belts vibrate on your stomach with the theory that this movement actually helps to strengthen the muscles and break up fat. None of these belts have ever really become well respected and they seem to come and go. There are also none that have any clinical trials or have ever been FDA Cleared.

Sauna Belts

 These Ab Belt devices heat up on your stomach causing you to sweat around the midsection. The theory is that the extra sweat around your stomach helps to break down fat and gets rid of extra water retention. The breaking down of fat has never been proven, but the getting rid water weight in the targeted area is definitely something that can happen… but of course it is just temporary until you consume enough fluids to replace what was lost. None of these Sauna Ab Belts have ever been clinical proven or FDA Cleared.

***These three above are the major categories for Ab Belts. So here at we have reviewed all the Ab Belts in all three categories for you so that you can read a full Ab Belt review for each. We’ve done all the work for you so that you can make an informed decision in your abdominal belt purchase. Thank you visiting our website and we wish you luck on your journey to tone, tighten, firm and strengthen your abdominal area.


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