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You Gotta Drink This Water

The bottleless filtered water cooler (or watercooler) is rapidly gaining on the bottled water cooler as the preferred source of clean drinking water in the work place.

You have seen them; bottled water coolers are in just about every office across America and Canada. Just push the lever down and out comes clean water? But just how clean?

In many instances the water may be in the bottle for weeks and yet people have great trust in its quality. Truth be told, the water may be slightly treated; it certainly looks cleaner and smells better than regular tap water.

Bottle water coolers are certainly huge time savers. They provide instant hot and cold water, so there is a reduced need for refrigeration and no need to wait on the kettle.

But as more people are becoming health conscious, they are realizing that the bottleless water cooler with filter, is a much healthier and convenient option than the bottle watercooler that contains no filter system.

Here is why:

1) Whereas the typical 5 gallon bottled water dispensers may come with only slightly treated water, bottleless filtering water coolers use reverse osmosis or a multi-stage filtration system to remove contaminants from your tap water on a much deeper level.

Some of the contaminants removed are ammonium, bromide, cadmium, cyanite, cysts, fluoride, herbicides, insecticides, lead, magnesium, mercury, nitrate, nitrites pesticides, radium, sodium and lots more. The water you drink becomes safer, cleaner and healthier than tap water or bottled water.

Water Cooler

Furthermore, many of the plastic water bottles that comes with coolers are made from harmful chemicals that leach into the water you drink. These chemicals could pose a serious health risk to you over the long term. Read here about the dangers of plastic water bottles.

As the name suggest, bottleless water cooler dispensers don’t use plastic bottles at all and hence represents a reduction in the potential health risks to you.

2) A filtered water cooler is a point of use device. This means that it is connected to the main water supply in a building and therefore a continuous supply of water is available. This means:

*No big plastic bottles clogging up your space

*No more remembering to buy bottled water

*No more invoicing and paperwork associated with buying multiples bottles of water

countertop water cooler

*It is cheaper getting water from the main than it is buying multiple bottles of water.
Bottleless water coolers take convenience to a whole new level.

If you ever have a meeting in a room that doesn’t have a water main running through it and you expect you’ll be thirsty, not to worry. You can wheel your filtering water cooler to your desired location. Then simply pour regular tap water into the top and out comes clean, healthy, filtered water.

For home use, you can get a countertop filtering water cooler which is small enough to rest on top of a table in the kitchen or living room.

In today’s world of high stress and pollution, you cannot afford to be skimpy with your health. Give your body a daily treat by drinking the pure wholesome water that is provided by bottleless filtered water coolers.

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For a continuous supply of filtered water in your home, office or school, get a bottleless reverse osmosis water cooler or an ultrafiltration watercooler today.

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