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Manga Canon Episodes:
2-3, 5-8, 10-12, 15-26, 28-64
Mixed Canon/Filler Episodes:
4, 9, 13-14
Filler Episodes:
Anime Canon Episodes:

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Episode List

1Fullmetal AlchemistANIME CANON2009-04-05
2The First DayMANGA CANON2009-04-12
3City of HeresyMANGA CANON2009-04-19
4An Alchemist's AnguishMIXED CANON/FILLER2009-04-26
5Rain of SorrowsMANGA CANON2009-05-03
6Road of HopeMANGA CANON2009-05-10
7Hidden TruthsMANGA CANON2009-05-17
8The Fifth LaboratoryMANGA CANON2009-05-24
9Created FeelingsMIXED CANON/FILLER2009-05-31
10Separate DestinationsMANGA CANON2009-06-07
11Miracle at Rush ValleyMANGA CANON2009-06-14
12One is All, All is OneMANGA CANON2009-06-21
13Beasts of DublithMIXED CANON/FILLER2009-06-28
14Those Who Lurk UndergroundMIXED CANON/FILLER2009-07-05
15Envoy From the EastMANGA CANON2009-07-12
16Footsteps of a Comrade-in-ArmsMANGA CANON2009-07-19
17Cold FlameMANGA CANON2009-07-26
18The Arrogant Palm of a Small HumanMANGA CANON2009-08-02
19Death of the UndyingMANGA CANON2009-08-09
20Father Before the GraveMANGA CANON2009-08-16
21Advance of the FoolMANGA CANON2009-08-30
22Backs in the DistanceMANGA CANON2009-09-06
23Girl on the BattlefieldMANGA CANON2009-09-13
24Inside the BellyMANGA CANON2009-09-20
25Doorway of DarknessMANGA CANON2009-09-27
26ReunionMANGA CANON2009-10-04
27Interlude PartyFILLER2009-10-11
28FatherMANGA CANON2009-10-18
29Struggle of the FoolMANGA CANON2009-10-25
30The Ishvalan War of ExterminationMANGA CANON2009-11-01
31The 520 Cens PromiseMANGA CANON2009-11-08
32The Fuhrer's SonMANGA CANON2009-11-15
33The Northern Wall of BriggsMANGA CANON2009-11-22
34Ice QueenMANGA CANON2009-11-29
35The Shape of This CountryMANGA CANON2009-12-06
36Family PortraitMANGA CANON2009-12-13
37The First HomunculusMANGA CANON2009-12-20
38Conflict at BaschoolMANGA CANON2009-12-27
39DaydreamMANGA CANON2010-01-10
40Homunculus (The Dwarf in the Flask)MANGA CANON2010-01-17
41The AbyssMANGA CANON2010-01-24
42Signs of a CounteroffensiveMANGA CANON2010-01-31
43Bite of the AntMANGA CANON2010-02-07
44Revving at Full ThrottleMANGA CANON2010-02-14
45The Promised DayMANGA CANON2010-02-21
46Looming ShadowsMANGA CANON2010-02-28
47Emissary of DarknessMANGA CANON2010-03-07
48The Oath in the TunnelMANGA CANON2010-03-14
49Filial AffectionMANGA CANON2010-03-21
50Upheaval in CentralMANGA CANON2010-03-28
51The Immortal LegionMANGA CANON2010-04-04
52Combined StrengthMANGA CANON2010-04-11
53Flame of VengeanceMANGA CANON2010-04-18
54Beyond the InfernoMANGA CANON2010-04-25
55The Adults' Way of LifeMANGA CANON2010-05-02
56The Return of the FuhrerMANGA CANON2010-05-09
57Eternal LeaveMANGA CANON2010-05-16
58SacrificesMANGA CANON2010-05-23
59Lost LightMANGA CANON2010-05-30
60Eye of Heaven, Gateway of EarthMANGA CANON2010-06-06
61He Who Would Swallow GodMANGA CANON2010-06-13
62A Fierce CounterattackMANGA CANON2010-06-20
63The Other Side of the GatewayMANGA CANON2010-06-27
64Journey's EndMANGA CANON2010-07-04


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