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Quick Summary

Manga Canon Episodes:
1-8, 10-18, 20-48, 51-68, 76-124, 152-200, 227-245, 247-254, 257-259, 261-267, 269, 271-311, 313-328
Mixed Canon/Filler Episodes:
151, 201, 255, 260, 270, 312
Filler Episodes:
9, 19, 49-50, 69-75, 125-150, 202-226, 268
Anime Canon Episodes:
246, 256

Fairy Tail Episode List

1The Fairy TailMANGA CANON2009-10-12
2Fire Dragon, Monkey, and BullMANGA CANON2009-10-19
3Infiltrate the Everlue MansionMANGA CANON2009-10-26
4Dear KabyMANGA CANON2009-11-02
5The Wizard in ArmorMANGA CANON2009-11-09
6Fairies in the WindMANGA CANON2009-11-16
7Flame and WindMANGA CANON2009-11-23
8The Strongest TeamMANGA CANON2009-11-30
9Natsu Devours a VillageFILLER2009-12-07
10Natsu vs. ErzaMANGA CANON2009-12-14
11The Cursed IslandMANGA CANON2009-12-21
12Moon DripMANGA CANON2010-01-04
13Natsu vs. Yuka the Wave UserMANGA CANON2010-01-11
14Just Do Whatever!!MANGA CANON2010-01-18
15Eternal MagicMANGA CANON2010-01-25
16The Final Showdown on Galuna IslandMANGA CANON2010-02-01
17BurstMANGA CANON2010-02-08
18Reach the Sky AboveMANGA CANON2010-02-15
20Natsu and the Dragon EggMANGA CANON2010-03-01
21The Phantom LordMANGA CANON2010-03-08
22Lucy HeartfiliaMANGA CANON2010-03-15
2315 MinutesMANGA CANON2010-03-22
24To Keep From Seeing Those TearsMANGA CANON2010-03-29
25A Flower Blooms in the RainMANGA CANON2010-04-12
26Wings of FlameMANGA CANON2010-04-19
27The Two Dragon SlayersMANGA CANON2010-04-26
28Fairy LawMANGA CANON2010-05-03
29My ResolveMANGA CANON2010-05-10
30Next GenerationMANGA CANON2010-05-17
31A Star Removed from the SkyMANGA CANON2010-05-24
32Celestial Spirit KingMANGA CANON2010-05-31
33The Tower of HeavenMANGA CANON2010-06-07
34JellalMANGA CANON2010-06-21
35Voice of DarknessMANGA CANON2010-06-28
36Heaven's GameMANGA CANON2010-07-05
37Armor of the HeartMANGA CANON2010-07-12
38DestinyMANGA CANON2010-07-19
39Give Our Prayers to the Sacred LightMANGA CANON2010-07-26
40Titania FallsMANGA CANON2010-08-02
41HomeMANGA CANON2010-08-09
42Battle of Fairy TailMANGA CANON2010-08-16
43Defeat Your Friends to Save Your FriendsMANGA CANON2010-08-23
44Thunder PalaceMANGA CANON2010-08-30
45Advent of SatanMANGA CANON2010-09-06
46Clash at Kardia Cathedral!MANGA CANON2010-09-13
47Triple DragonsMANGA CANON2010-09-20
48FantasiaMANGA CANON2010-09-27
49The Day of the Fateful EncounterFILLER2010-10-11
50Special Request: Watch Out for the Guy You Like!FILLER2010-10-18
51Love & LuckyMANGA CANON2010-10-25
52Allied Forces, Assemble!MANGA CANON2010-11-01
53Enter the Oración Seis!MANGA CANON2010-11-08
54Maiden of the SkyMANGA CANON2010-11-15
55The Girl and the GhostMANGA CANON2010-11-22
56Dead Grand PrixMANGA CANON2010-11-29
57DarknessMANGA CANON2010-12-06
58Celestial SkirmishMANGA CANON2010-12-13
59Jellal of Days Gone ByMANGA CANON2010-12-20
60March of DestructionMANGA CANON2010-12-27
61Super Aerial Battle: Natsu vs. Cobra!MANGA CANON2011-01-10
62Wizard Saint JuraMANGA CANON2011-01-17
63Your WordsMANGA CANON2011-01-24
64ZeroMANGA CANON2011-01-31
65From Pegasus to FairiesMANGA CANON2011-02-07
66The Power of FeelingsMANGA CANON2011-02-14
67I'm With YouMANGA CANON2011-02-21
68A Guild for OneMANGA CANON2011-02-28
69Call of the DragonFILLER2011-03-07
70Natsu vs. Gray!!FILLER2011-03-14
71Friendship Overcomes the DeadFILLER2011-03-21
72A Fairy Tail WizardFILLER2011-03-28
73Rainbow Cherry BlossomsFILLER2011-04-04
74Wendy's First Big Job!?FILLER2011-04-11
7524-Hour Endurance Road RaceFILLER2011-04-16
76GildartsMANGA CANON2011-04-23
77Earth LandMANGA CANON2011-04-30
78EdolasMANGA CANON2011-05-07
79Fairy HunterMANGA CANON2011-05-14
80Key of HopeMANGA CANON2011-05-21
81FireballMANGA CANON2011-05-28
82Welcome HomeMANGA CANON2011-06-04
83ExtaliaMANGA CANON2011-06-11
84Fly, to Our Friends!MANGA CANON2011-06-18
85Code ETDMANGA CANON2011-06-25
86Erza vs. ErzaMANGA CANON2011-07-02
87We're Talking About Lives Here!!!!MANGA CANON2011-07-09
88For Pride's Sake, the River of StarsMANGA CANON2011-07-16
89The Apocalyptic Dragon Chain CannonMANGA CANON2011-07-23
90The Boy Back ThenMANGA CANON2011-07-30
91Dragon SenseMANGA CANON2011-08-06
92O Living OnesMANGA CANON2011-08-13
93I'm Standing Right HereMANGA CANON2011-08-20
94Bye-Bye, EdolasMANGA CANON2011-08-27
95LisannaMANGA CANON2011-09-03
96He Who Extinguishes LifeMANGA CANON2011-09-10
97Best PartnersMANGA CANON2011-09-17
98Who's the Lucky One?MANGA CANON2011-09-24
99Natsu vs. GildartsMANGA CANON2011-10-01
100MestMANGA CANON2011-10-08
101Black WizardMANGA CANON2011-10-15
102Iron SoulMANGA CANON2011-10-22
103Makarov ChargesMANGA CANON2011-10-29
104Lost MagicMANGA CANON2011-11-05
105Fire Dragon vs. Flame GodMANGA CANON2011-11-12
106Grand Magic WorldMANGA CANON2011-11-19
107Arc of EmbodimentMANGA CANON2011-11-26
108Human GateMANGA CANON2011-12-03
109Lucy FireMANGA CANON2011-12-10
110Dead-End of DespairMANGA CANON2011-12-17
111Tears of Love and VitalityMANGA CANON2011-12-24
112The One Thing I Couldn't SayMANGA CANON2012-01-07
113Tenrou TreeMANGA CANON2012-01-14
114Erza vs. AzumaMANGA CANON2012-01-21
115Freezing Fighting SpiritMANGA CANON2012-01-28
116Power of LifeMANGA CANON2012-02-04
117Rolling ThunderMANGA CANON2012-02-11
118The Man Without an EmblemMANGA CANON2012-02-18
119Realm of the AbyssMANGA CANON2012-02-25
120Daybreak on Tenrou IslandMANGA CANON2012-03-02
121The Right To LoveMANGA CANON2012-03-09
122Let's Hold HandsMANGA CANON2012-03-16
123Fairy Tail, Year X791MANGA CANON2012-03-23
124The Seven Year GapMANGA CANON2012-03-31
125The Magic BallFILLER2012-04-07
126True Scoundrels - The Butt Jiggle GangFILLER2012-04-14
127The Terror of Invisible Lucy!FILLER2012-04-21
128Father's MementoFILLER2012-04-28
129Turbulent Showdown! Natsu vs. LaxusFILLER2012-05-05
130Target: LucyFILLER2012-05-12
131The Fury of LegionFILLER2012-05-19
132Key of the Starry HeavensFILLER2012-05-26
133Travel CompanionsFILLER2012-06-02
134Labyrinth CapriccioFILLER2012-06-09
135Footprints of the MythFILLER2012-06-16
136True Scoundrels, Once AgainFILLER2012-06-23
137Defying CalculationFILLER2012-06-30
138The Course of the Holy WarFILLER2012-07-07
139Time Begins to TickFILLER2012-07-14
140Enter the Neo-Oración Seis!FILLER2012-07-21
141Get the Infinity Clock!FILLER2012-07-28
142Dissonance of BattleFILLER2012-08-04
144Despair UnleashedFILLER2012-08-18
145Real NightmareFILLER2012-08-25
146Time SpiralFILLER2012-09-01
147To the Infinity Castle!FILLER2012-09-08
148Angel TearsFILLER2012-09-15
149I Hear the Voice of My FriendFILLER2012-09-22
150Lucy and MichelleFILLER2012-09-29
151SabertoothMIXED CANON/FILLER2012-10-06
152And So We Aim for the TopMANGA CANON2012-10-13
153Song of the StarsMANGA CANON2012-10-20
154For All the Time We Missed Each OtherMANGA CANON2012-10-27
155Crocus, the Flower-Blooming CapitalMANGA CANON2012-11-03
156Sky LabyrinthMANGA CANON2012-11-10
157New GuildMANGA CANON2012-11-17
158Night of Shooting StarsMANGA CANON2012-11-24
159Lucy vs. FlareMANGA CANON2012-12-01
160PortentMANGA CANON2012-12-08
161ChariotsMANGA CANON2012-12-15
162Elfman vs. BacchusMANGA CANON2012-12-22
163Mirajane vs. JennyMANGA CANON2013-01-05
164Kagura vs. YukinoMANGA CANON2013-01-12
165Hatred at NightfallMANGA CANON2013-01-19
166PandemoniumMANGA CANON2013-01-26
167100 Against 1MANGA CANON2013-02-02
168Laxus vs. AlexeiMANGA CANON2013-02-09
169Wendy vs. SheliaMANGA CANON2013-02-16
170Small FistsMANGA CANON2013-02-23
171Naval BattleMANGA CANON2013-03-02
172A Parfum For YouMANGA CANON2013-03-09
173Battle of the Dragon Slayers!MANGA CANON2013-03-16
174Four DragonsMANGA CANON2013-03-23
175Natsu vs. the Twin DragonsMANGA CANON2013-03-30
176King of the DragonsMANGA CANON2014-04-05
177The Eclipse ProjectMANGA CANON2014-04-12
178Fairy TacticianMANGA CANON2014-04-19
179Gray vs. RufusMANGA CANON2014-04-26
180The Hungry Wolf KnightsMANGA CANON2014-05-03
181Fairy Tail vs. ExecutionersMANGA CANON2014-05-10
182Scorching EarthMANGA CANON2014-05-17
183Our PlaceMANGA CANON2014-05-24
184The Kingdom 'til TomorrowMANGA CANON2014-05-31
185Erza vs. KaguraMANGA CANON2014-06-07
186A Future Racing Toward DespairMANGA CANON2014-06-14
187FrogMANGA CANON2014-06-21
188Roaring Thunder!MANGA CANON2014-06-28
189GloriaMANGA CANON2014-07-05
190The One Who Closes the GateMANGA CANON2014-07-12
191Natsu vs. RogueMANGA CANON2014-07-19
192For Me, TooMANGA CANON2014-07-26
193Seven DragonsMANGA CANON2014-08-02
194Zirconis' MagicMANGA CANON2014-08-09
195People and People, Dragons and Dragons, People and DragonsMANGA CANON2014-08-16
196Sin and SacrificeMANGA CANON2014-08-23
197Time of LifeMANGA CANON2014-08-30
198Fields of GoldMANGA CANON2014-09-06
199The Grand BanquetMANGA CANON2014-09-13
200Droplets of TimeMANGA CANON2014-09-20
201A GiftMIXED CANON/FILLER2014-09-27
202Welcome Back, FroschFILLER2014-10-03
203Moulin RougeFILLER2014-10-11
204Full Effort Hospitality!FILLER2014-10-18
205Signal of RebellionFILLER2014-10-25
206Library PanicFILLER2014-11-01
207Hisui Rises!FILLER2014-11-07
208Astral SpiritusFILLER2014-11-14
209Wendy vs. Aquarius - Let's Have Fun in the Amusement Park!FILLER2014-11-21
210Guild Deck vs. Celestial DeckFILLER2014-11-28
211Gray vs. Cancer! Dance Battle!FILLER2014-12-05
212Juvia vs. Aries! Desert Death Match!FILLER2014-12-12
213Erza vs. Sagittarius! Horseback Showdown!FILLER2014-12-19
214Natsu vs. LeoFILLER2014-12-26
215Ophiuchus, the Snake CharmerFILLER2015-01-09
216When the Stars FallFILLER2015-01-16
217Celestial Spirit BeastFILLER2015-01-23
219What a Pure Heart WeavesFILLER2015-02-06
220413 DaysFILLER2015-02-13
221The Labyrinth of WhiteFILLER2015-02-20
223It's Kemo-Kemo!FILLER2015-03-07
224The Place You Came ToFILLER2015-03-14
225Lightning ManFILLER2015-03-21
226Fairy Tail of the Dead MeeeeeeeeenFILLER2015-03-28
227Morning of a New AdventureMANGA CANON2015-04-04
228Wizards vs. HuntersMANGA CANON2015-04-11
229Art of RegressionMANGA CANON2015-04-18
230The Demon ReturnsMANGA CANON2015-04-25
231Gray vs. DoriateMANGA CANON2015-05-02
232Voice of the FlameMANGA CANON2015-05-09
233Song of the FairiesMANGA CANON2015-05-16
234Tartaros Chapter, Prologue - The Nine Demon GatesMANGA CANON2015-05-23
235Tartaros Chapter, Prologue - Fairies vs. NetherworldMANGA CANON2015-05-30
236Tartaros Chapter, Prologue - The White LegacyMANGA CANON2015-06-06
237Tartaros Chapter, Prologue - Natsu vs. JackalMANGA CANON2015-06-13
238Tartaros Chapter - Immorality and SinnersMANGA CANON2015-06-20
239Tartaros Chapter - Jellal vs. Oración SeisMANGA CANON2015-06-27
240Tartaros Chapter - A Place Reached by PrayerMANGA CANON2015-07-04
241Tartaros Chapter - The Demon's RebirthMANGA CANON2015-07-11
242Tartaros Chapter - To Let Live or DieMANGA CANON2015-07-18
243Tartaros Chapter - Wendy vs. EzelMANGA CANON2015-07-25
244Tartaros Chapter - Friends ForeverMANGA CANON2015-08-01
245Tartaros Chapter - Hell's CoreMANGA CANON2015-08-08
246Tartaros Chapter - Underworld KingANIME CANON2015-08-15
247Tartaros Chapter - AlegriaMANGA CANON2015-08-22
248Tartaros Chapter - A Strike from the StarsMANGA CANON2015-08-29
249Tartaros Chapter - Celestial Spirit King vs. Underworld KingMANGA CANON2015-09-05
250Tartaros Chapter - Erza vs. MinervaMANGA CANON2015-09-12
251Tartaros Chapter - The Boy's TaleMANGA CANON2015-09-19
252Tartaros Chapter - Gray vs. SilverMANGA CANON2015-09-26
253Tartaros Chapter - A Silver WishMANGA CANON2015-10-03
254Tartaros Chapter - AirMANGA CANON2015-10-10
255Tartaros Chapter - SteelMIXED CANON/FILLER2015-10-17
256Tartaros Chapter - Final DuelsANIME CANON2015-10-24
257Tartaros Chapter - Wings of DespairMANGA CANON2015-10-31
258Tartaros Chapter - Fire Dragon Iron FistMANGA CANON2015-11-07
259Tartaros Chapter - 00:00MANGA CANON2015-11-14
260Tartaros Chapter - The Girl in the CrystalMIXED CANON/FILLER2015-11-21
261Tartaros Chapter - Absolute DemonMANGA CANON2015-11-28
262Tartaros Chapter - Memento MoriMANGA CANON2015-12-05
263Tartaros Chapter - Soaring Above IshgarMANGA CANON2015-12-12
264Tartaros Chapter - Drops of FireMANGA CANON2015-12-19
265Tartaros Chapter, Finale - Where the Power of Life LiesMANGA CANON2015-12-26
266The Fairy In Your HeartMANGA CANON2016-01-09
267The Adventure BeginsMANGA CANON2016-01-16
268Treasure HuntFILLER2016-01-23
269Dancing with BladesMANGA CANON2016-01-30
270Moonlit LakeMIXED CANON/FILLER2016-02-06
271Blue SkullMANGA CANON2016-02-13
272Conveyer of MagicMANGA CANON2016-02-20
273TreasureMANGA CANON2016-02-27
274LawMANGA CANON2016-03-05
275Eternal AdventureMANGA CANON2016-03-12
276ChallengerMANGA CANON2016-03-19
277Message of FlameMANGA CANON2016-03-26
278The Lamia Scale Thanksgiving FestivalMANGA CANON2018-10-07
279Because of LoveMANGA CANON2018-10-14
280AvatarMANGA CANON2018-10-21
281Underground ClashMANGA CANON2018-10-28
282The Purification PlanMANGA CANON2018-11-04
283IkusatsunagiMANGA CANON2018-11-11
284MemoirsMANGA CANON2018-11-18
285The 7th Guild MasterMANGA CANON2018-11-25
286Law of SpaceMANGA CANON2018-12-02
287Emperor SprigganMANGA CANON2018-12-09
288To the God-Forsaken LandMANGA CANON2018-12-16
289Mavis and ZerefMANGA CANON2018-12-23
290Fairy HeartMANGA CANON2019-01-06
291The Magnolia Defensive WarMANGA CANON2019-01-13
292Morning StarMANGA CANON2019-01-20
293For Whom the Parfum FlowsMANGA CANON2019-01-27
294Natsu vs. ZerefMANGA CANON2019-02-03
295Across 400 YearsMANGA CANON2019-02-10
296What I Want to DoMANGA CANON2019-02-17
297Not Until the Battle is OverMANGA CANON2019-02-24
298In a Silent TimeMANGA CANON2019-03-03
299Natsu, Revived!!MANGA CANON2019-03-10
300Historia of CorpsesMANGA CANON2019-03-17
301MettleMANGA CANON2019-03-24
302The Third SealMANGA CANON2019-03-31
303Together, AlwaysMANGA CANON2019-04-07
304Fairy Tail ZeroMANGA CANON2019-04-14
305White DragneelMANGA CANON2019-04-21
306The Winter WizardMANGA CANON2019-04-28
307Gray and JuviaMANGA CANON2019-05-05
308The Mightiest Demon of the Book of ZerefMANGA CANON2019-05-12
309Broken BondsMANGA CANON2019-05-19
310Pleasure and PainMANGA CANON2019-05-26
311Natsu's HeartMANGA CANON2019-06-02
312Sting, the White Shadow DragonMIXED CANON/FILLER2019-06-09
313Dragon SeedMANGA CANON2019-06-16
314Master EnchantMANGA CANON2019-06-23
315Dragon or DemonMANGA CANON2019-06-30
316Gray's Trump CardMANGA CANON2019-07-07
317Dark FutureMANGA CANON2019-07-14
318My Name Is...MANGA CANON2019-07-21
319FeelingsMANGA CANON2019-07-28
320Neo EclipseMANGA CANON2019-08-04
321Blind to LoveMANGA CANON2019-08-11
322The Gate of VowsMANGA CANON2019-08-18
323Raging Fire of the DragonMANGA CANON2019-08-25
324When the Fire DiesMANGA CANON2019-09-01
325World DestructionMANGA CANON2019-09-08
326Magic of HopeMANGA CANON2019-09-15
327Hearts ConnectedMANGA CANON2019-09-22
328Dearest FriendsMANGA CANON2019-09-29


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