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Quick Summary

Manga Canon Episodes:
1-9, 11-28, 34-41, 43, 46-78, 84-126, 133-148
Mixed Canon/Filler Episodes:
10, 44
Filler Episodes:
29-33, 42, 45, 79-83, 127-132, 149-153

Dragon Ball Episode List

1Secret of the Dragon BallMANGA CANON1986-02-26
2The Emperor's QuestMANGA CANON1986-03-05
3The Nimbus Cloud of RoshiMANGA CANON1986-03-12
4Oolong the TerribleMANGA CANON1986-03-19
5Yamcha the Desert BanditMANGA CANON1986-03-26
6The Midnight VisitorsMANGA CANON1986-04-02
7The Ox-King of Mount FrypanMANGA CANON1986-04-09
8The Turtle Hermit's KamehamehaMANGA CANON1986-04-16
9The Boss Rabbit's Special SkillMANGA CANON1986-04-23
10The Dragon Balls are StolenMIXED CANON/FILLER1986-04-30
11At Long Last, the Dragon Appears!MANGA CANON1986-05-07
12A Wish to ShenlongMANGA CANON1986-05-14
13Goku’s Great TransformationMANGA CANON1986-05-21
14Goku's Rival ArrivesMANGA CANON1986-05-28
15The Peculiar Girl, LunchMANGA CANON1986-06-04
16Training: The Stone HuntMANGA CANON1986-06-11
17Milk DeliveryMANGA CANON1986-06-18
18The Turtle Hermit WayMANGA CANON1986-06-25
19The Tournament BeginsMANGA CANON1986-07-02
20Elimination RoundMANGA CANON1986-07-09
21Smells Like TroubleMANGA CANON1986-07-16
22Quarterfinals BeginMANGA CANON1986-07-23
23Monster Beast GiranMANGA CANON1986-07-30
24Krillin's Frantic Attack!MANGA CANON1986-08-06
25Danger From AboveMANGA CANON1986-08-13
26The Grand FinalsMANGA CANON1986-08-20
27Number One Under the Moon?MANGA CANON1986-08-27
28The Final BlowMANGA CANON1986-09-03
29The Roaming LakeFILLER1986-09-10
30Pilaf and the Mystery ForceFILLER1986-09-17
31Wedding Plans?FILLER1986-09-24
32The Flying Fortress - Vanished!FILLER1986-10-01
33The Legend of a DragonFILLER1986-10-08
34Cruel General RedMANGA CANON1986-10-15
35Cold ReceptionMANGA CANON1986-10-22
36Major MetallintronMANGA CANON1986-10-29
37Ninja Murasaki is Coming!MANGA CANON1986-11-05
38Five MurasakisMANGA CANON1986-11-12
39Mysterious Android No. 8MANGA CANON1986-11-19
40Horrifying BuyonMANGA CANON1986-11-26
41The Fall of Muscle TowerMANGA CANON1986-12-03
42The Secret of Dr. FlappeFILLER1986-12-10
43A Trip to the CityMANGA CANON1986-12-17
44Master Thief, HaskyMIXED CANON/FILLER1986-12-24
45Danger in the AirFILLER1987-01-07
46Bulma's Bad DayMANGA CANON1987-01-14
47Kame House - Found!MANGA CANON1987-01-21
48Deep Blue SeaMANGA CANON1987-01-28
49Roshi SurpriseMANGA CANON1987-02-04
50The Trap is SprungMANGA CANON1987-02-11
51Beware of RobotMANGA CANON1987-02-18
52The Pirate TreasureMANGA CANON1987-02-25
53Blue, Black and BlueMANGA CANON1987-03-04
54Escape From Pirate CaveMANGA CANON1987-03-11
55Penguin VillageMANGA CANON1987-03-18
56Strange VisitorMANGA CANON1987-03-25
57Arale vs. BlueMANGA CANON1987-04-08
58The Land of KorinMANGA CANON1987-04-15
59The Notorious MercenaryMANGA CANON1987-04-22
60Tao Attacks!MANGA CANON1987-04-29
61Korin TowerMANGA CANON1987-05-06
62Sacred WaterMANGA CANON1987-05-13
63The Return of GokuMANGA CANON1987-05-20
64The Last of Mercenary TaoMANGA CANON1987-05-27
65Confront the Red Ribbon ArmyMANGA CANON1987-06-10
66A Real BindMANGA CANON1987-06-17
67The End of Commander RedMANGA CANON1987-06-24
68The Last Dragon BallMANGA CANON1987-07-01
69Who is Fortuneteller Baba?MANGA CANON1987-07-08
70We Are The Five WarriorsMANGA CANON1987-07-15
71Deadly BattleMANGA CANON1987-07-22
72Goku's TurnMANGA CANON1987-07-29
73The Devilmite BeamMANGA CANON1987-08-05
74The Mysterious Fifth ManMANGA CANON1987-08-12
75The Strong OnesMANGA CANON1987-08-19
76True Colors of the Masked ManMANGA CANON1987-08-26
77Pilaf's TacticsMANGA CANON1987-09-02
78The Eternal Dragon RisesMANGA CANON1987-09-09
79Terror and PlagueFILLER1987-09-16
80Goku vs. Sky DragonFILLER1987-09-23
81Goku Goes to Demon LandFILLER1987-09-30
82The Rampage of InoShikaChoFILLER1987-10-07
83Which Way To Papaya Island?FILLER1987-10-14
84Rivals and ArrivalsMANGA CANON1987-10-21
85Preliminary PerilMANGA CANON1987-10-28
86Then There Were EightMANGA CANON1987-11-04
87Yamcha vs. TienMANGA CANON1987-11-11
88Yamcha's Big BreakMANGA CANON1987-11-18
89Full-Moon VengeanceMANGA CANON1987-11-25
90The Dodon WaveMANGA CANON1987-12-02
91Counting Controversy!!MANGA CANON1987-12-09
92Goku Enters the RingMANGA CANON1987-12-16
93Tien Shinhan vs. Jackie ChunMANGA CANON1987-12-23
94Stepping DownMANGA CANON1987-12-30
95Goku vs. KrillinMANGA CANON1988-01-06
96Tail's TaleMANGA CANON1988-01-13
97Final Match: Goku vs. TienMANGA CANON1988-01-20
98Victory's EdgeMANGA CANON1988-01-27
99Tien's InsurrectionMANGA CANON1988-02-03
100The Spirit CannonMANGA CANON1988-02-10
101The FallenMANGA CANON1988-02-17
102Enter King PiccoloMANGA CANON1988-02-24
103Tambourine Attacks!MANGA CANON1988-03-02
104Mark of the DemonMANGA CANON1988-03-09
105Here Comes YajirobeMANGA CANON1988-03-16
106Terrible TambourineMANGA CANON1988-03-23
107Tien's AtonementMANGA CANON1988-04-06
108Goku's RevengeMANGA CANON1988-04-13
109Goku vs. King PiccoloMANGA CANON1988-04-20
110Piccolo Closes InMANGA CANON1988-05-04
111Roshi's GambitMANGA CANON1988-05-11
112King Piccolo's WishMANGA CANON1988-05-18
113Siege on Chow CastleMANGA CANON1988-05-25
114Conquest and PowerMANGA CANON1988-06-01
115Awaken DarknessMANGA CANON1988-06-08
116A Taste of DestinyMANGA CANON1988-06-22
117The Ultimate SacrificeMANGA CANON1988-06-29
118Prelude to VengeanceMANGA CANON1988-07-06
119Battle CryMANGA CANON1988-07-20
120Goku Strikes BackMANGA CANON1988-07-27
121The Biggest CrisisMANGA CANON1988-08-03
122Final ShowdownMANGA CANON1988-08-10
123Lost and FoundMANGA CANON1988-08-17
124Temple Above the CloudsMANGA CANON1988-08-24
125Earth's Guardian EmergesMANGA CANON1988-08-31
126Eternal Dragon ResurrectedMANGA CANON1988-09-14
127Quicker than LightningFILLER1988-09-21
128Secret of the WoodsFILLER1988-09-28
129The Time RoomFILLER1988-10-12
130Goku's DollFILLER1988-10-19
131Walking Their Own WaysFILLER1988-10-26
132Hotter than LavaFILLER1988-11-02
133ChangesMANGA CANON1988-11-09
134Preliminary PerilMANGA CANON1988-11-16
135Battle of the EightMANGA CANON1988-11-23
136Tien Shinhan vs. Mercenary TaoMANGA CANON1988-11-30
137Anonymous ProposalMANGA CANON1988-12-07
138The Mysterious HeroMANGA CANON1988-12-14
139RematchMANGA CANON1988-12-21
140Goku Gains SpeedMANGA CANON1989-01-11
141The Four Faces of TienMANGA CANON1989-01-18
142Kami vs. PiccoloMANGA CANON1989-01-25
143Battle for the FutureMANGA CANON1989-02-01
144Super KamehamehaMANGA CANON1989-02-08
145Junior No MoreMANGA CANON1989-02-15
146Goku's TrapMANGA CANON1989-02-22
147Goku Hangs OnMANGA CANON1989-03-01
148The VictorMANGA CANON1989-03-08
149Dress in FlamesFILLER1989-03-15
150The Fire-EaterFILLER1989-03-22
151Outrageous OctagonFILLER1989-04-05
152Mystery of the Dark WorldFILLER1989-04-12
153The End, The BeginningFILLER1989-04-19


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