Fighting Shorts


Most modern mixed martial arts competitors wear fighting shorts in the gym and in the ring. MMA shorts come in a few different designs. Currently, board shorts, or pants that are styled after clothing worn by surfers, are the most popular. These MMA shorts allow for great leg freedom, while protecting the skin on the thighs and offering the greatest comfort in rigorous and sweaty training environments. MMA boards shorts are also made of highly durable synthetic materials that won’t become heavy with sweat, and are stretchable enough not to tear during grappling matches. Lately, board shorts have been produced with many advanced features specifically for MMA training. Look for shorts with secured and hidden waist adjustment drawstrings. You will need the shorts to fit tightly around your waist, but you don’t want the string to become undone and entangled during training. Most shorts feature an elastic waistline and some additional Velcro to secure things in place.

Tighter, bicycle shorts are another popular type of shorts worn by MMA fighters. These shorts are skintight and hug the upper thigh area. Their flexible material ensures the greatest body movement, while not offering any excessive material that an opponent can use to grab on to during clinches and ground fighting. If you spend a lot of time on the ground, or train a lot in jujitsu, tighter shorts may be more suitable for your style. Bicycle shorts will also allow you to perform submissions such as triangles, arm bars and knee bars with better efficiency over other styles of shorts.

Whatever style of MMA shorts you decide to wear, make sure that they are from a reputable MMA brand for the best quality and for features you won’t find anywhere else, like Teflon coated fabric, and special waist adjusting drawstrings. Some of the most popular MMA gear are from companies like Sprawl, Warrior, and Tapout. They make excellent shorts for a reasonable price.


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