Fiesta Grills Reviews

Fiesta Grill’s Features
  • The main features of a Fiesta gas grills are that they have aluminum cast lids and cooking basis.
  • Fiesta package includes porcelain heat tent distribution system and a push button ignition.
  • One of the products from Fiesta is the world’s first computer controlled grill.
  • Apart from that these grills are considerably durable as compared to brands with similar price.
  • They come at an affordable price.
  • The product line consists of upscale grills along with some that have fewer features, which come at lower price.
  • Replacement parts for these can be found easily at Amazon or with any other online vendor.

The Fiesta grills product line contains a mixture of features and ensures that all your grilling needs are taken care of. The barbeque grills manufactured by the company are loaded with variety of useful features.

Fiesta started production of quality gas grills in 1986 at a Tennessee facility in Canada. They have developed and integrated technology so well that at present they are one of the leading North American grill manufacturers.

Top Rated Models of Fiesta Gas Grills

Fiesta Pro XL Gas Grill Review
This is the flagship model of the company. Having been manufactured from heavy steel frames, it is a fantastic outdoor gas grill system that is quite durable. The durability is coupled with its high performance and modern looks.

With a grilling surface of 450 sq in, you can practically cook a number of dishes simultaneously for a large gathering. Porcelain cast iron is the element used for cooking grids. Hence this ensures that your food stays warm for a longer time. There are even some built-in racks in the grill. This allows for an extended space and you can keep all your extra items like apron, condiment jars etc in it.

Pro XL Fiesta gas grill’s function – ‘Optima Cooking System’, allows you to perform convection cooking beside the conventional direct and indirect heat cooking. There are two temperature control knobs which can easily control its 45,000 BTU heat capacity. This model of Fiesta grills comes with a lifetime warranty on its stainless steel burner.

35,000 BTU Fiesta Gas Grill
is yet another product from the company that comes with great features like porcelain steel heat tent distribution system, push button ignition, painted steel frame, heavy cast aluminum hood, firebox and side shelves.

Customers who bought this model feel that this is a great product because it has a lifetime warranty and for the features it has, it is a good bargain and a much better grill than most of the other counterparts belonging to the same genre. Some customers recommend Fiesta gas grills for low budgets and advice that you should opt for a Weber if you want to spend more than $500.

Blue Ember FGF50069-U403 Fiesta Gas Grill
is loaded with features ranging from a bottle opener to a large cooking surface of 500 sq in. The grill needs to get plugged into to get power for the outlets present at the back. There are three burners at 45,000 BTU present within the body. The product is packed with virtually every imaginable feature and so its construction is limited to lightweight burners and low grade stainless steel, to maintain affordability. The body is made from 430 stainless steel, and cast aluminum. Hence it is prone to discoloration and rust. A rotisserie burner is included in the grill but the rods and forks have to be bought separately. So, it’s an okay grill but definitely not a great one.

Overall Review of Fiesta Gas Grills

The Fiesta grills are great for the price as they have abundant features. But this aspect has marred its construction quality. So if you are interested in calling their customer service time and again (which is pretty good), then you should invest in this brand. The grill needs regular maintenance, especially its grease tray which tends to rust and rot away if not tendered to.


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