Features of Miter Saws


The features of miter saws are an important part of this tool because they make the miter saws safer and easier to use.

First we will start with the carbide-tipped blades on the miter saw. They last a lot longer and cut faster than ordinary steel. The blades tend to be flatter and more heat resistant, have smoother cuts and wobble less than standard blades.Most miter saws provide convenient storage for the wrench which is used to change the blade.

The electric brake is used to stop the blade instantly when you push the off switch. This helps to reduce or avoid possible injury when speeding up the miter saw. Extensions help to support wide and long pieces of wood. Some miter saws have side supports. The miter adjustment on the miter saw is a crosshair sight glass over the scale which works better than a simple arrow. The miter adjustment features help to improve setup and accuracy.

It also features an on and off switch. It has a handle and some can be rotated to make it easier to move. The holding clamp attaches itself to the miter table to hold itself to whatever you are cutting to improve accuracy and keep your left hand away from the blade. The laser cutting guide project a laser where you want to cut. When using this feature, you still need to draw a line and use a steady hand. The spindle lock is a button or lever on miter saws that keeps the motors shaft from turning when you change blades.

The cut-line indicator is situated in front of a table saws blade and it helps line up the material you are cutting. The notched blade guard is located on the upper blade guard so you can keep an eye on the blade and the cutting line without leaning over the saw. The retained miter fence feature is a T-slot channel that holds the cutting guide so it won’t lift out while you are positioning the wood. Make sure that the fence is sturdy enough to stay in position. The rip-fence adjustment is a fine adjustment for the table-saw fence and improves accuracy. The miter saw also feature a pair of headlights that are built into the upper arm located one to each side of the blade. They line up with the blade to make the cut lines very easy and accuarate.


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