Faucet Water Filter: An insight into the product


Before we go into details about a faucet water filter let us learn a little bit about water filters in general and about their workings, advantages and disadvantages. There are a lot of companies selling water filters but one such company which probably offers the best water filters in the market is NSA. Apart from offering the best quality water filters in the market their water filters are also very affordable and easy to maintain. It helps improve the quality of health of the entire family because of the clean and pure water that it offers. Once should always avoid drinking unfiltered water or tap water because that water contains a very large number of extremely harmful chemicals like harmful toxins, chlorine, minute amount of prescription drugs and many other impurities. Drinking contaminated water can be very hazardous to the health. It leads to diseases such as cancer and other life threatening diseases and illness all over the world.

The contaminated water contain levels of toluene, lead, benzene, asbestos, insecticides and fertilizers. In order to avoid falling ill all the families should insert a water filter of the very best quality in their homes. This is when a faucet water filter comes into the picture. A faucet water filter kit made by the NSA is complete and compact and mounts or fits directly to one of the already existing faucets without the use of any kind of complex tools in a matter of few minutes. The filter then in a matter of few minutes switches from unfiltered water to filtered water by just switching the diverter valve stem which helps provide a rather simple solution for a cleaner and healthier drinking water.

The faucet water filter has a purification system which helps in keeping all the sediments, lead, chlorine, trace pharmaceuticals and microbial cysts apart from many other harmful pollutants from reaching our immunity system. When all the purification stages has been crossed and the final stage is reached then the water is filtered over the natural minerals for a very fine crisp taste. The water filter in the first stage traps the sediment like sand, dirt, rust and other things. In the second stage it then helps in greatly reducing the pollutants, contaminants, bacteria and trace pharmaceutical. After these two stages have been completed it reaches the final stage in which the water is filtered over natural minerals which helps to give it a more of a refreshing taste. The faucet water filter filtration system will help in greatly improving the quality of the water. The water filter helps in removing or reducing the giardia cysts, cryptosporidium, chlorine, lead and all the other bad taste and odour that might be present. Once the water has crossed through all the finals stages it will then look, smell and taste cleaner. These filters have a filter life of hundred gallons and come with a one year warranty period. A faucet water filter is a must in every home.


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