Fat People Should Not Go To The Gym

Embarrass To Go To The Gym

You must be wondering why I say that, right? Fat people should not go to the gym? Actually no one should be having this thought, no matter if you are fat or skinny, you should not be embarrass about it. you should still go to the gym few times a week to stay fit and healthy. “You don’t have to be great to start, but you can start to be great.”

Why You Shouldn’t Be Feeling Embarrass

  • You are fat, I get it. You don’t feel like going to the gym because you think gym is for people who are already in shape, which is a false thought. You think those who are fit and sexy were born that way? Wrong.. They work their ass off to get to where they are right now. So now I want you to take that negative energy and thought out of you, and start thinking broad and positive.
  •  If you have a goal, be it whether your goal is to get in shape, to lose belly fat, or to get bigger and stronger. You should already start doing it, and not sitting there thinking about the negative things in life. Life is too short for you to just sit around and do nothing. Time will never stop a millisecond for your laziness, or you’re tired, so you better use it, or you lose it.

Which Cardio Machine Should You Use In The Gym

  •  No one will judge you at the gym, people are too busy in doing their exercise in there, that said.. Do not feel intimidate when you surrounded by a group of people who are in shape or bigger than you in size. You do what you want to do in the gym, and they will do theirs. So stop worrying about who is going to judge you.. Remember that you are your own worst enemy.
  • You will not be judge, but instead, you will become an inspirational to the others. Don’t you think that one single reason is enough for you go to the gym already? Who doesn’t want to be an inspiration? Who doesn’t want to be remembered? Would you rather die with a legacy, or die with nothing, and be forgotten.

My Thoughts

Me, my self, I respect people who are obese, overweight and the skinny, I respect them when they are working their butt off inside the gym. Even I am already in shape, those kind of people, who are fat or skinny, they still motivates me to work harder at the gym.

Now, get your ass off your chair and hit the damn gym already! And if you are able to do that, Imm’a hats off to you.. because you deserve my respect.


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