Fast Abs Toning device

Review Summary
Fast Abs is an abdominal toning device originally marketed to tone and tighten the muscles of the abdominal region. Currently, Fast Abs is no longer being sold online. Although consumers can gather information about it through former retailers and documents, it cannot be purchased outright at this time. There is a chance you can locate it through outside retailers or on a second hand basis, however. At one time it was also sold through infomercials and late night television. One of the newer and more advanced options in the world of ab toning belts, however, is The Flex Belt. This FDA cleared belt is largely recognized as the best abdominal toner on the market, and it is currently sold through an official website. It’s there that you will find bountiful useful information on The Flex Belt, how it uses EMS technology to effortlessly tone your abs, and the superior customer service policies offered by the maker. If you continue to read below and take the time to compare the Fast Abs toning belt to The Flex Belt, you’ll see just why The Flex Belt seems to be the better belt.

It’s believed that Fast Abs ab belt worked using what’s referred to as EMS technology. However, some sources state it was nothing like the EMS used in The Flex Belt, for instance. This electronic signal technology reportedly caused contractions within the abdominal muscles, causing them to strengthen with repeated use. A simple online search for the Fast Abs ab belt will shed some light on the effectiveness of this particular product using the earlier EMS technology.

As stated, Fast Abs is no longer available for purchase. At one time it’s believed that it was sold for around $50, though that isn’t certain. Other similar ab belts can be found for both more and less than this price point depending on the manufacturer, the optional settings, and the quality of the belt itself.

It seems that Fast Abs was primarily sold through television commercials, though it was available through a few online retailers. Some of these online retailers are large companies that sell all sorts of fitness products and devices. They may offer consumer feedback, ratings, and comparisons as helpful tools for making a purchasing decision.

Final Facts
The Fast Abs abdominal toning belt was an ab belt that promised to tighten and tone the abdominal muscles. It seems the maker also offered weight loss and fat reduction as potential results with their product as well. At the writing of this review, the Fast Abs belt is no longer available for purchase, though it’s not clear if that’s a permanent situation. In the meantime, there are still retailer resources that have information about the product and how it was said to have worked. Other ab toning options are out there too, including the revolutionary Flex Belt and other traditional ab workout programs.


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