Farberware Pressure Cooker Reviews


Farberware Pressure Cooker Review

If you want to cook healthy, delicious meals for your family, time and effort are two things you should be prepared to give. From prepping your ingredients, to cooking them over your hot stove, to making sure you add just the right seasoning, setting your table, and cleaning everything up afterwards, there’s a lot that goes into the daily meal. Plus the fact that you need to prepare at least three meals in a day makes it even more of a challenge.

No doubt, cooking can be a labor of love for a lot of us, but that’s not how it has to be especially if you have the right appliances in your kitchen. If you’re tired of all the time and energy you waste in the kitchen, then it’s time you invest in the Farberware Pressure Cooker.

Hailed as one of the best pressure cookers on the market, the Farberware Pressure Cooker is a top rated appliance that promises to soothe away those cooking hassles you experience much too often. How exactly does it intend to do that? Read our review to find out more about this high quality product.

At a Glance

First impressions of the Farberware 7-in-1 Pressure Cooker might have you taken by surprise. The body of the appliance features a stainless steel finish, with a black control panel on the front. The lid and handles are made from reinforced, food-safe materials that keep them from conducting heat so you can handle the cooker with ease.

Impressively Ease

The difficulty with pressure cookers that need to be used over stove tops is that everything still needs your control. For instance, you need to make sure you set your stovetop heat correctly, that you release the steam when it needs to be, and that you cook the food for just as long as it has to. This makes them no different from conventional pots and pans that take a lot of time and effort to use.

The Farberware Pressure Cooker eliminates that by giving you an intuitive front panel that displays all the necessary settings you might want to adjust to achieve the perfect outcomes. The buttons on the display make it easy to figure out the settings, allowing you to come up with a customized cooking process that perfectly cooks your ingredients just the way you want them – without you having to stand next to the cooker to keep watch and manage the process.

Superior Versatility

The Farberware Pressure Cooker takes pride in its superior versatility, able to take over your kitchen and replace up to 7 different appliances and cookware pieces you might use or have. The device can take the place of a rice cooker, steamer, slow cooker, browning pot, sauté pan, warmer, and simmer pot, giving you lots of great functions that you can use for a variety of different meals.

This also means that when you purchase the Farberware Pressure Cooker, you can toss out a bunch of appliances and cookware pieces in your kitchen, making more room for the things that actually matter.

Outstanding Safety

One of the fears we have when using pressure cookers is that it might suddenly give into the built in pressure and release all that heat and steam for catastrophic outcomes. With the Farberware Pressure Cooker, there’s no need to fret.

The device comes with a reinforced lid that promises a secure and stable seal, keeping all that steam and heat inside so you can enjoy deliciously flavorful meals minus the fear of having the appliance explode somewhere along the line.

The Farberware Pressure Cooker also has a safety pressure release valve, reducing built-up pressure to allow you to cook your food for longer minus the threat of an accident or leak.

Hefty Capacity

The Farberware Pressure Cooker knows how hard it can be to cook big meals for big families which often require us to use more pots and pans just to cook all the different ingredients required for a single dish. That’s why it comes with a hefty 6-quart capacity that makes it easy to load the cooker with a number of different ingredients to be cooked simultaneously. This makes it easy to prepare a large meal while minimizing the number of pots and pans you take out for the cooking process.

Easy Clean-Up

Finally, the Farberware Pressure Cooker goes the extra mile by easing the cleaning process as well. The interior pot features a non-stick coating that allows food to just slide off with ease. This makes it particularly easy to clean either by hand or by popping it inside of your standard dishwasher.

Pros of the Farberware Pressure Cooker

  • 9 different pre-sets make it easy to achieve the perfect outcomes with the press of a single button.
  • Simple user interface allows users to understand the appliance right off the bat, eliminating all the confusing guesswork that comes with figuring out a new kitchen appliance.
  • Safety vale and steam release promise safe use in the kitchen, eliminating your worries of accidents and leaks.
  • Large 6 quart capacity perfect for daily use for medium to large sized families.
  • Versatile, able to take the place of up to 7 different cookware pieces and appliances you might have in your kitchen.

Cons of the Farberware Pressure Cooker

  • Does not come with any accessories like steaming or roasting racks.
  • Does not come with any recipes or cookbooks.
  • Despite being easy to understand at a glance, the user manual that comes with the device can be confusing.

The Verdict

Aside from a few minor bundle flaws such as the lack of a cookbook or an easy to understand user manual, the Farberware Pressure Cooker is definitely a top choice if you want a convenient cooking companion that will help ease your everyday meal prep woes.


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