Fake Security Cameras


Info on Fake Security Cameras A full surveillance camera system will set you back quite a bit if you’re a business. If you don’t have the money, you don’t even have to bother with getting an actual security system – you can just get a fake. Anyone who is a homeowner probably has heard about similar strategies – the stickers you put in your window advertising an alarm system that doesn’t exist, for example. Being able to catch someone in the act and on tape is only part of the benefit of a security camera – there’s also the deterrent effect. People who see security cameras aren’t as likely to steal. They’re afraid of getting on tape doing it – so it’s often a good idea to make the cameras as obvious as possible. If you’re going to go with fakes, you can do two approaches: either buy only fakes, or stick some fake surveillance cameras in with the real ones. That way, you can still get tape of the important areas, but you can also make it look like your property is fully covered even if you can’t afford it.

YES. In fact, there are specific security cameras sold that are designed solely to be fakes – they don’t take any footage, but they are conspicuous and look exactly like a real one. For example, you can get one with a motion sensor that will turn on when someone comes by. All it does is have a blinking red light and pan back and forth over the area like a real camera – but a casual criminal isn’t going to know it’s a fake. The benefit: it only costs $12 for one camera. That’s a fraction of the several hundred dollars you’d have to spend to get a working system. In fact, many people who get a full, expensive system resort to fake cameras in order to protect their investment. Criminals will often vandalize the security cameras first thing if they’re out in the open. You might get some footage, but you could just as easily lose hundreds of bucks and have to order new ones. The solution? Make the real cameras hidden, and put the $12 fake out in the open for everyone to see. If they break something, they’ll break that one – and you still deter property crimes without risking your real system.


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