Facts about Water filtration


There is not one single law that requires bottled water to be purer and more free from unnecessary chemicals then tap water. It is like puring ordinary tap water into fancy bottles and sell them for ten times the price.
Many reviews showed that often it is even worse then tap water. Owning a faucet water filter will allow you to save money and drink water that is (almost) free from chemicals

In the last couple decades the chemicals that got into our water grew too a number that is incredible. And since industrial production is getting bigger this number is increasing rapidly.

Save yourself from over 2000 cancer-causing contaminants that would enter your body by investing in an faucet water filter.

Since the number of chemicals is increasing sharply the chance of getting cancer as a water consumer rose from 1:50 to a 1:3 chance since this chemicals appeared the first time. I just had a glance at Amazon.com, the prices for these filters in comparison to their benefits are ridiculously low. They start at just about 10$. Another benefit of a faucet water filter is that they remove contaminants without taking the minerals out that are beneficial for our bodies. Distillers and reverse osmosis Systems do remove the minerals therefore they are not as efficient as water filters

All of the faucet water filter systems I bought did not just clean the water from unnecessary substances they also reduced the unpleasant chlorine and lead taste of my water.

1) Twin cartridge faucet water filters are the best systems and you want to buy one of these, read my post for further description

2) A quality water filter will last a long time, with the right replacement cartridges the cost per gallon is just a few pennies.

3) The installation is fairly easy

4) Look for a Product that removes 99.9 percent of microbiological cists

Besides the fact that bottled water is no replacement for a faucet water filter let us compare the prices of water bottles. After some research I found that bottled water costs around 50 cents per gallon. In the first glance you might think that is not that expensive, compared to a faucet water filter system it is. For That system the average cost is about 10 cents per gallon.

In summary it can be said, that faucet water filter systems are a cheap and uncomplicated way to save your health by providing contaminant free, good tasting and fresh water.

Let’s see where we will buy our next water filter:

Water filter is sold across several online retailers. Water filter is a very essential device at home and there are lots of options available to you when looking for where to buy. Walmart, Amazon, and Ebay are some of the most popular online stores you can buy water filter.

These companies have their pros and cons and they have the area where they maintain competitive advantage.


Amazon is indisputably the largest online retail company where virtually everything can be bought at a competitive price. You will have the chance to compare prices of different water filters before making your choice. If you are interested in quality filters such as du pont water filter or pur water filter, then Amazon is the ideal place to go.


Ebay is an auction site where you can get stuffs at relatively cheap rates. You can buy both new and used water filters here. But devices such as water filters are better bought new and not second hand. The site is enormously large and you won’t lack options regarding the type of water filter you want to buy. You can also compare prices and find out which seller provides the best water filter at the most affordable price.


While Amazon is the largest online store for both hard goods and soft sales, Walmart remains the largest offline chain store in the world. This goes a long way to imply that you will definitely find your ideal water filter here. Even so, they are beginning to establish strong online presence as well. You can go through their site and select grade A filters such as Brita water filter or Culligan water filter, depending on your preference.

Offline Stores

You can also decide to purchase your water filter in stores around you. The advantage of this medium is that you will have the chance to see firsthand what you are buying before paying for it. But this method can be more expensive and may require you to spend money for transportation unlike most online retail stores that offer free shipping.

So, which is the best place to buy your water filter?

The decision to buy an efficient water filter for your household should be based on certain factors. You have to consider the availability of the particular water filter device you want to buy, the price offered by each retail shop, the shipping expenses, and the quality of the brand.

Understand that going for a second hand product when buying water filter is not an option. You must opt to buy a new product because brands such as Brita water filter or Culligan water filter are very sensitive and can attract germs. The best place to shop for water filter will be the online store that provides competitive pricing, a variety of product, lots of customer reviews, free shipping, and quality brands and products. And Amazon fits into this bill. The site is considered go-to site for a wide range of products with highly competitive price. The site is easy to navigate and you are sure to find the ideal water filter you need.


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