Extend the life of your Blendtec Pitcher


These were the tips sent to me from Blendtec after I had my jar/pitcher replaced, due to the stiffness of the blade turning (would not turn freely by hand).

1. The more you use your jar, the longer it will last you. When the jar is used frequently, it self lubricates the bearings inside keeping them intact with the vegetable based oil that is located within. If you go a while without using the jar (1 week or longer) it is recommended to dab on a little bit of vegetable oil on the seals.

2. Twisting the blade 3-4 times using the drive shaft below before you use it each time with break away any microscopic sugar seals that build up between the blade and the bearings. This can cause stress on the seals if you put in on the motorbase and have it shoot up the cycle speed rather than doing it by hand. It’s much more gentle.

3. The way you clean it makes a huge difference. It is suggested using 2-3 cups of hot water, a drop of dish soap, blend it up using a cycle and rinse it out in your sink. When you rinse it out, try your hardest not to get the underside seal wet. If this seal gets wet, it tends to wear down sooner than later.

The unwrapping  my new pitcher … shipped under warranty with no issues from Blendtec.

DSCN2234 300x225 Extend the life of your Blendtec Pitcher

In Summary:

-Oil the seals between each use with vegtable oil.

-Turn the shaft by hand before each use to make sure it’s not stuck

-Use lot’s of hot water when cleaning, but don’t get the bottom seal wet.

Hope these tips help extend the life of your blender jar.



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