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An exercise mat can be used for a great range of different fitness routines. While you can get an exercise mat to match specific fitness workouts such as pilates mats and yoga mats you can also use an exercise mat for other types of workout. You can use an exercise mat for floor exercises such as sit-ups and press-ups meaning your body is not on the floor thus protecting your body and the floor. Game consoles such as the Nintendo Wii are also increasing their range of fitness games which also make use of floor exercises so a general exercise mat is very useful to aid in performing these exercises.

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Guide to choosing an Exercise Mat

Try to think about which exercise you will be performing on your exercise mat. If you are performing sit-ups for example you may want a bit more cushioning in your mat to minimize impact on the back. If you will be doing some exercises which require you to push off the floor you may want something a bit firmer so you are not bouncing but actually pushing off the floor rather than the cushioning.

If you are performing a fitness routine in which you have to hold moves then you may want an exercise mat that is non-slip such as rubber. This will help you hold the moves without slipping. For exercises that require some movement you may want a material or PVC exercise mat to enable you to move more freely without sticking to the mat. also bear in mind cleaning your mat. PVC and rubber mats will be wipeable and material mats should be washable as you will be sweating during your exercise so want a mat you can clean.

If you are performing exercises which require a lot of floor contact with most of the body make sure the exercise mat you choose will accommodate most of your body. This is to protect a wider floor space range and also to protect more of your body especially if exercising on wooden floors.

Most exercise mats can roll up making them easy to store when not in use. They should return easily to their flat shape when unrolled so that you can exercise without the exercise mat rolling back up. Also you may exercise in different locations such as at home and at the gym and may want to transport your mat between locations. Some mats come with storage bags so this makes them easier to transport and also keeps them clean when being transported and even stored.

sometimes exercising can be a chore so if you have an exercise mat that is a colour which you particularly like and which subconsciously may motivate you more then this is something to bear in mind.

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