Exercise At Home – No Equipment No Problem


Exercise At Home Without Equipment

You does not have a gym membership, you are too busy or lazy to go to the gym, or you just dislike how crowded it is to be inside the gym. Now you just want to do some exercises that you are able to do at home without any equipment. Ok then, now let just get straight to the point without too much nonsense.

Top 10 Exercises You Can Do Without Equipment

  1. Push-Ups

Do you guys know that push-ups is actually a very good exercise? it is not only good for your chest, but it’s also strengthen your upper body, your chest, back, shoulder and arms muscle, so less chance of getting yourself injury. And it also improve your cardiovascular health, which means you will have a healthier heart!

  2. Sit-Ups/Crunch

Almost everyone know this exercise, because everyone want “dat 6-packs”. But too bad, getting 6-packs is not just about doing the right exercise, it’s how you eat, and that is how you get your 6-packs. But there is no harm in doing sit ups, even if you can’t see your abdominals muscle yet, doesn’t mean you should not continue on building and toning them. Because by continue doing it, you will have nice looking abs once you cut down your body fat.

  3. Squat

Squat girls! Squat!! If you want to have that great looking legs and butt, you have to squat, squat, and squat. This is one of the best exercise, why? because legs has the biggest muscle in your body, and by working out the biggest muscle group of the body, our testosterone will increase higher than you usually do when you are doing the push-ups and sit-ups. More testosterone equal to more growth! And if you don’t want someone to think you have a chicken legs, or flat butt, then you got to start doing squat from now on, add them into your workout routines!

  4. Pull Ups

Another great great exercise, pull-ups! it’s not only good for your back, but it’s great for your arms too. Some reports says they actually got bigger biceps by doing more and more pull-ups, and I believe it does, try it and you will know!

  5. Dips

Do you have that flabby wobble wobble triceps? This would be the exercise for it, do this with a dining chair, your bed, or anywhere that you can hold onto with both of your hands. Build that sexy ass triceps!

  6. Pistol Squat

This exercise is similar to the squat, but this 1 is harder to perform, if you are a beginner, I would suggest you stick with squat, heck I think squat is the best legs exercise ever. But this is a great exercise too! don’t get me wrong, you can add this into your legs workout routine if you want to try something different.

  7. Jumping Jacks

Great great exercise for warming up your body, what more can I say? it’s so great that even the guys in the military are doing this for their warm ups. It Jumpstart your heart and muscle, and it Jack up the fat away.

  8. Lift Anything

Lift!! Lift anything that you can hold with your hands, just because you doesn’t have a pair of dumbbells in your home, that doesn’t mean you can’t lift, am I right? Now, go find something, a bucket filled with rocks, or a 2 litter water bottle, as long the weight is enough to put resistance on your muscle, then you are doing it right! Don’t stop lifting just because you got no dumbbells, start lifting because you are not as dumb as the dumbbells, ok?

  9. Jogging In Place

Jogging in place, if you don’t know what this exercise is, then just imagine you are running in place, running on the same spot where you stood. You can do this even while you are watching TV, try it, and make sure you have your shoes on!

  10. Leg Raise

This is another great exercise for the abdominal, but leg raise work on your lower abdominal much more than just doing sit-ups, in order to have great looking abs, you got to work your upper and lower abdominals. Lying straight on the floor, and raise your legs up and down straight and slow, because it work best when you perform this exercise in slower motion.

Spice Up Your Exercise At Home With This


Some of those exercise that I listed above, is not easy for everyone, some beginner may find it’s difficult, but you can always start by doing them 2 – 3 repetition, get the feel for it, and keep doing it every day and then, someday you will achieve your goal. Keep doing it even if your progression is slow, slow progress is still progress, right?

If you have any question, or anything, just leave a comment below, and I will get back to you as quickly as possible. Because we are connected.


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