Everlast Women’s Sauna Suit

Review Summary
The Everlast Women’s Sauna Suit is a product designed for weight loss. Made specifically for women, this product reportedly works to assist in the loss of fat and water weight. It is sold on a number of retailer sites, and the fairly well known Everlast fitness equipment and apparel company makes it. While the Everlast Women’s Sauna Suit may offer some weight loss assistance, it does not tone muscles, making The Flex Belt a wise addition to your regimen. The Flex Belt actually works to strengthen the stomach muscles through repeated contractions triggered by EMS, or electronic muscle stimulation. Many people have found that making The Flex Belt a part of their fitness regimen assists them in toning their abs even on their workout days off. This is because The Flex Belt can be worn whenever you have a moment to put it on, and this FDA cleared device works regardless of what you are doing.

Everlast Women’s Sauna Suit and similar products reportedly work by increasing body temperature. This increases the perspiration and therefore the amount of water weight lost. The suit comes in a one size fits all design but is specifically created for women. It’s called a sauna suit, because like a sauna it results in the body getting warmer and perspiring. Many people find this to be a sort of detoxification. The product is said to feature a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer and is also hand washable. Some of the best fitness products have good product warranties. The Flex Belt abbelt, for instance, has a 2 year warranty.

How much you can expect to pay for the Everlast Women’s Sauna Suit depends on where you find it. However, despite being located on several retailer sites, they are all pretty comparable in price at this time. The product currently goes for an average of about $10.

The Everlast Women’s Sauna Suit can be found through many retailer websites. This results in pricing differences between retailers as they compete for business. Some of the retailers have consumer feedback posted, and others might include additional information on how best to go about losing the weight.

Final Facts
As we noted, the Everlast Women’s Sauna Suit is a product sold online designed to help women lose excess water weight. Like a sauna, the suit heats the body, creating more perspiration and therefore weight loss. According to retailers the suit fits all sizes of women and is made with hand washable material for easy cleaning and has a one year warranty, comparable with the two year warranty on the technologically advanced solution for rock hard abs, The Flex Belt.


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