Everlast Standard Duo Exercise Wheel Review

everlast standard duo wheel Everlast Standard Duo Exercise Wheel Review

The Everlast Standard Duo Exercise Wheel is a device that uses two wheels and molded handles to tone your abdominal muscles.  This product comes with a one year warranty, and works out your abdominal muscles in a comfortable and easy movement.

When it comes to products that work out the abdominal muscles, there are many of them on the market that promise results in very little time.  If you are considering making the purchase of one of these items it is important to do your homework, and find out which one will best meet your fitness level and your budget.

Everlast Standard Duo Customer feedback

Many people who have purchased the Everlast Standard Due Exercise Wheel compliment how light and easy to store this product is.  People who live in small apartments find it really easy to get fit this product in their house and use it daily without it taking up a lot of the space that many other ab machines require.  Other customers compliment how durable the product is.  If you look on line you will see how time after time customers who have purchased this device are always surprised how long it lasts, and how the quality of their workout does not alter over a period of time.

Other customers compliment this product for not only giving their abs a great workout, but they also feel the burn in the chest, back, and shoulders.  The customers who say this, are very pleased that they can save time and get a good workout in many parts of their bodies not just their abdomens. 

A large number of people who have purchased the Everlast Standard Duo Exercise Wheel give it high praise for the price.  This product is relatively inexpensive and seems to deliver a lot of bang for the buck.  Most importantly, customers who have purchased this item have been very pleased with the results they have achieved even after only a few days of using this product.

Are there any downsides?

Unfortunately, no product is perfect.  One of the main complaints that customers speak of regarding this product, is discomfort in their hands when using it.  While the handles of this product are molded, many people still find them hard on their hands making this product difficult for them to use.

For those customers with bad knees the Everlast Standard Duo Exercise Wheel is probably not the best choice.  In order to use the machine you must kneel.  This can cause some pain and discomfort for the customer who have attempted to use it, with knee problems.  In cases such as this, it might be a good idea to consider another product, or kneel on a soft surface to use this device.

Overall result

Overall the Everlast Standard Duo Exercise Wheel gets very positive reviews.  It is always important to remember when purchasing fitness equipment, that these devices will not change your physique on their own.  You must combine the use of a product like this with a proper diet and cardio in order to achieve the best results.  It is important to spend your money wisely, so if you find that you have a physical impairment that would prevent you from using this product you should seek help elsewhere.  Otherwise, this product seems to be a good value for the money spent on it, but it is important to do your homework and determine what product will work the best for you.


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