Everlast Powercore Nevatear Heavy Bag Review


Everlast are one of boxing’s biggest brands. Usually you know that if you buy Everlast you can guarantee quality in everything from their boxing shorts, to their shoes and pads. Today we are looking at another one of their heavy bags, the Everlast Powercore Nevatear.

This is a hanging bag that can either be suspended from the ceiling on a chain, or on a chain from a wall bracket. The chain and swivel are all included, and we found hanging it was no problem. Just make sure you have a string enough wall or ceiling to hang this bag from as it weighs at 25kg. It is filled with a layered mix of towelling and sand, and covered in a synthetic vinyl and leather mixture.

The covering of the Powercore is very interesting, and offers the best of both worlds from leather and vinyl. You get the cheaper price of vinyl but with increased durability and striking feel. The filler is very consistent for striking and the resistance offers is also consistent all over. The only slight issue was a slight bit of sinkage in the filler when hanging it. An Amazon reviewer suggested hanging it about 10-12 inches above head height due to this, and we took this advice and found it helped a lot. Especially when sinking in some big hooks.

This bag offers a nice steady bit of movement when moving around it, and looking to unload with quick combinations and sharp short punches. Anybody who wants to work on foot work, delivering offence from different ranges and their speed work will be delighted with this bag. For these reasons as well it is also perfect for people who do not participate in the sport competitively, but love incorporating boxing work into their fitness routines. Serious heavy hitters, and people who want to unload kicks may want to look for a bag that has more weight behind it though, as this will move too much when lashed by the big power shots of someone weighing 190-200 pounds and more.

To sum the Everlast Nevatear heavy bag up, we would have to say we where pretty impressed by it. You get the feel and durability of a leather bag, for the cost of a vinyl. It is hard wearing and provides great feel and consistency of striking. This bag is definitely best used as a pure punching bag though. MMA fighters and trainers will not find too much joy with this, and there are better options on the market for you guys to get much more out of your training. For beginner boxers, fitness enthusiasts who love the cardio of bag work, and seasoned fighters weighing up to 190 pounds, this bag is perfect. Great value, superb quality and all round a solid option. 8/10


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