Everlast Core Support Slimmer Belt

Review Summary
People who become participants of the weight loss and wellness industry as consumers generally want one of two things. They either want to lose a noticeable amount of body weight or want to appear to have lost a noticeable amount of body weight. Of course, those who achieve the former goal have obviated the latter goal. If you truly lose weight you will almost inevitably look slimmer. Still, with many individuals in search of quick results some products that primarily focus on appearance remain rather popular. Take, for example, a product such as the Everlast Core Support Slimmer Belt. This abdominal belt will probably do very little to actually reduce one’s abdominal bulge or tone abdominal muscles. However, it may well help the user look a bit slimmer. Read on to find out more about the Everlast Core Support Slimmer Belt, what it offers to users, how much it costs, and so on.
Information About Manufacturer
As many people may already know, Everlast is a company that boasts a relatively long history. With decades of experience in the world of boxing equipment, Everlast has made a name for itself by producing boxing gloves, punching bags, and the like. However, the company has also weighed in as a contender in the general fitness and weight loss industry. The Everlast Core Support Slimmer Belt is an example of this move on the part of the manufacturer. Everlast sells the Core Support Slimmer Belt directly through its official website and backs it with a on hundred and twenty day satisfaction guarantee.
As a product that does not seek to actually reduce body fat or significantly promote abdominal muscle toning it is not difficult to see how the Everlast Core Support Slimmer Belt can easily go about achieving its primary goal, which is to slim the appearance of the midsection. Functioning similarly to a cummerbund or a corset, this snug fitting belt can be worn under most clothing. It is also said to provide back support, emphasize a proper realignment of core muscles, and other such potential benefits.
If one is to consider the Everlast Core Support Slimmer Belt in view of the many abdominal belts that do attempt to promote actual weight loss the Everlast product has significant drawbacks, even if only in the basic sense that it cannot provide the kind of results that some Electric Muscle Stimulation belts can, even apart from active exercise. We were also unable to find a clear warranty policy for the Everlast Core Support Slimmer Belt.
Price and Shipping Information
As we said previously, the Everlast Core Support Slimmer Belt is available for purchase directly through the official Everlast website, where it retails for 25 dollars. The shipping costs for U.S. customers will be approximately 9 dollars. Turnaround time for Everlast appears to be approximately three to ten days.
The Core Support Slimmer Belt by Everlast is certainly a reasonable option for people who are looking for a way to achieve literally immediate results. However, these results relate only to the slimming of users’ appearances, not the actual slimming of their bodies through muscle toning and fat reduction. As a product manufactured by a reputable company such as Everlast, the Core Support Slimmer Belt stands to offer relatively worthwhile assistance to the person who needs to get into that tight fitting dress or tuxedo by the week’s end. However, there is really no way to compare the Everlast Core Support Slimmer Belt to some other abdominal belts, primarily those that are designed to offer actual muscle toning benefits. Some of these belts utilize Electric Muscle Stimulation or other toning technologies to promote significant benefits and a few of them have been confirmed as effective through the means of clinical research. Furthermore, while no abdominal belt needs clearance from an agency such as the FDA, the Everlast Core Support Slimmer Belt does not have such clearance, while some other abdominal belts do. Nevertheless, as consumers do research on their various options they may decide that the relatively low price of the Everlast Core Support Slimmer Belt outweighs all other concerns. Again, more than anything, this product will appeal to consumers who simply need an alteration of their appearance in little to no time at all.


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