Everlast Cardio Strike Bag Review


If you were thinking of building a career in boxing or you are just somebody who is into quality exercise than you might want to think about getting a punching bag. The good thing about the punching bag is that you can hit it as much as you want and it will never hit back. It is a perfect way to keep your body in a good shape and get rid of the accumulated stress. The punching bags come in different sizes, colours and materials so make sure to do to your homework before you choose to buy a bag. The prices of these bags vary depending on the quality of the material they are made of and the stuffing that is used to fill them in. However, there are many quality bags that can be bought for very affordable prices and give you the functionality you need. One of those bags is Everlast Cardio Strike Bag, which we have reviewed for you in this article to see if its features and price point are right for your needs.

Everlast has been known for creating sturdy punching bags that can be good both for beginners and professionals. Everlast Cardio Strike Bag is made of inflatable air bladder covered by a striking surface made of synthetic polycanvas. Due to the strong material the bag is made off you can be sure it will serve you in the many years that come and take your punches every day.

This is a free standing punch bag, making it a great choice for those who don’t want to make structural changes or screw anything into their wall. The base of the bag can be filled with stuffing of your choice. There are two most common materials used to fill in the base. One of those materials is sand and the other is water. Regardless of your choice, the base will give stability to the punching bag and even if you hit it as hard as you can it will not move, not even for an inch. This stability comes as a result of the special EverFlex collar system that can absorb the impact of your punch and make sure your bag stays in its place.

The punching bag has durable spring neck so you can hit the bag in any direction you want as it will quickly come back to its original position. The bag can be extended to up to 63 inches in height which is enough even for the tallest boxer, making it suitable for anyone to put in their home or gym and get a good workout. With the bag you get a foot air pump that will enable you to easily fill the bag with air. In case it deflates you can just use the pump and inflate the bag as much as you want.

This bag can be bought for a very affordable price especially having in mind that it comes with a standing pole and a base. It will definitely be a good fit for everybody who is trying to find a way to get the negative feelings out of their system.

However, you should remember that even though punching the bag can be really fun, if you are not being careful you might get hurt. When you buy the punching bag add some good gloves that will prevent the possibility of injuring your hand or sustaining other problems.


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