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everlast Everlast Boxing Gloves

In the boxing arena, only one name dominates over all others – Everlast. What started out as a swimwear manufacturer back in the streets of the Bronx during the 1900s is now known for its wide-ranging line of sports apparel and equipment.
But the road to success wasn’t that easy.

Take it from the experience of Jacob Golomb, As an avid swimmer and son of a tailor, Golomb disliked the way swimsuits were designed during his days. In his quest for a more durable swimwear that would last seasons, Golomb decided to create his own line of swimwear that would endure the test of time. He gave the name EVERLAST to his creation. Unfortunately, the swimwear did not last that long. But the name Everlast surely did.

Taking his cue from previous experience, Golomb finally decided to expand his horizons a bit and turned his already defunct business into a small sports equipment retail store. That was when things started to take a 360-degree turn.
During one fateful day back in 1917, Golomb met a young fighter named Jack Dempsey. Golomb had his feel of the world of boxing when Demsey asked him to design a protective headgear that would be durable enough to take all the beatings from his intensive boxing training.

Fast forward to 1919, Dempsey won the world’s heavyweight championship, thanks to his remarkable skills and to the boxing gloves made for him by Golomb. And as they say, “The rest is history.” Everlast is now the center of operations for boxing equipment the world over.

As of October 2000, the Everlast brand and boxing equipment is now under the Active Apparel Group (AAGP). Then beginning September 2007, Everlast Worldwide Inc. runs under Brands Holdings, a UK-based company.
At the moment, over 101 countries enjoy the prestige of the Everlast brand. The sportswear and equipment giant also has 88 licenses worldwide.
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