Euphoria Fleshlight Review



Fucking the Riley Reid Euphoria Fleshlight is like pounding Aphrodite in the ass, the euphoria your cupid’s arrow will receive is mythical. This is a brand new Fleshlight (as of the date of this review, 1/5/2016) and it appears that they have created a Fleshlight like never before. The primary feature of this fleshight is the grid layout of the canal. We have seen Fleshlight put cross ribs in many of their products (see the Utopia Fleshlight Review) but they have never created vertical ribs. The split between horizontal cross ribs and vertical ribs make the Euphoria Fleshlight feel completely unique and unlike any other Fleshlight currently available. Not to mention to the totally new fleshy triangles which will massage your dick until you start seeing Greek goddesses. The Riley Reid Euphoria Fleshlight comes with the butt orifice so if you are a fan of anal or simply tight holes, this is the Fleshlight for you. Just beyond the entrance, there is a wide slit in the canal. This slit creates a very powerful vacuum effect which makes screwing the Euphoria Fleshlight superior to Fleshlights without this feature (besides the Best Fleshlight, of course).

Sexy Grids

The grid layout is intricate and overwhelming. Throughout the length of the Euphoria Fleshlight, there is a grid. I think of the Euphoria Fleshlight’s canal like a city because not only are there parallel grid lines but in each square there are building-like fleshy pyramids. These pyramids work in concert to overstimulate and bring you to your knees in euphoria, which is why they named it the euphoria Fleshlight. In the first section, you will find the iconic grid design. This section (and the subsequent ones) have a narrowing effect where the canal goes from wide to narrow to wide again, putting a squeeze on your dick. This effect feels awesome because just when you think that the grid is awesome enough, it becomes narrower, intensifying the magnitude of the pyramids.

Wide Gaps of Sensation

When you begin to come out on the other side of the first section, you will be relieved to find the canal opening up again into a wide gap. This is not the first wide gap we have seen in a Fleshlight, but its design is slightly different than others. There is an encircling bulge running the length of the wide gap which adds a unique sensation to the canal. By itself, you wouldn’t find this wide gap and the others to follow to be all that tight. I’ve found them to be great sources of relief from the grid and pyramid design of the rest of the canal.

High Powered Suction

After the first wide gap, you will come across the second section of grid lines and pyramids. Keep in mind that if you’ve come this far, then you are already being squeezed by the first grid section. In addition, part of your member is exposed in the wide gap. The tandem effort of these sections create a sensation of being squeezed while being released at the same time. Also, the wide gaps create a strong suction which helps keep your dick firmly inside of the canal when you are engaging at full power. After the second section of grid lines and pyramid structures, you will discover a second wide gap. This wide gap revival is similar to the first one in structure and sensation, however it is slightly tighter. When fucking the Riley Reid Euphoria Fleshlight, I could not tell the difference in size between the two gaps, so you should consider the difference to be negligible. The final section of the canal is identical to the previous sections of pyramids and grid line, only it is slightly shorter.


The Euphoria Fleshlight is a must have for any serious Fleshlight collection. It is proof that Fleshlight will continue to innovate and create unique experiences in their canal design. While the canal is not the most tight, the Riley Reid Euphoria Fleshlight makes up for it by having the butt orifice. The grid lines and pyramids combination make this Fleshlight as eternally exciting as a Greek goddess. For our Euphoria Fleshlight Review, we award this Fleshlight an overall score of 9/10.



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