ETQ TG72K12 8,250 Watt Portable Generator Review


The ETQ TG72K12 is indeed the best in its class, having had the honor of being named “The Best Large Portable Generator” by our editors here.

This portable generator is widely recognized as the best in its class since it is not possible to find a better generator for the same price at the moment. I would certainly recommend this generator for anyone who needs backup emergency power where you need it and when you need it. Not just at home but also on a job site where it will keep essential systems running in an emergency.

Due to the over-sized muffler, the ETQ TG72K12 portable generator produces sound at just 70 decibels during normal operation. The engine features auto throttle control technology, which automatically speeds up the engine when power is needed. This feature not only helps increase the longevity of the engine but also increases fuel efficiency.

The ETQ TG32P12 At A Glance

  • 7250 running watts/8250 max watts
  • ETQ 13 HP 4 stroke air cooled OHV engine with low oil shut down
  • 6.42 gallon fuel tank provides 10.5 hours of run time at 50% load
  • Less than 70 db
  • Non-CARB Compliant/Not For Sale In California

Let’s examine in detail the features of the ETQ TG32P12 in detail.

Delivery and Setup

It is recommended that you unbox it in the location that you want to use it. Then it is a simple case of assembling the unit using the included tools. This will take about 30 minutes altogther. Then you just need to load some fuel (oil and gas) and you are ready to connect your load and start. The generator is started either by means of the pull cord or using a battery for added convenience and it should start within a couple of seconds. The ETQ TG72K12 really is that easy to get going.

Powerful Enough for Large Homes & Even Jobsites

If you’re a beginner when it comes to home generators, believe us when we say that 8,250 watts is a great deal of power. When you take the price of this machine in to consideration, you’ll see just how good of a deal the ETQ TG72K12 really is.Based on a full tank of gas, you can expect the ETQ TG72K12 to continue running for 10 and a half hours straight, without the need for refilling.

Convenient Electric Start Engine

The ETQ TG72K12 presents us with a few well deserved technological advances in critical areas. For example, the motor features an electronic start mechanism – so that at the touch of a button, you can have the generator up and running. No need to pull cords or battle with starter motors. No need to throttle the system before you attempt to start it.

Low Oil Cut-off Ensure Your Generator’s Engine Isn’t Fried

Added safety is another welcomed feature of the ETQ TG72K12. Aside from the obvious low oil cut off, and the load sensors, this model bumps things up with a modified circuit breaker and the use of extremely heavy duty materials to ensure no degradation of the machine itself.


It Protects Your Devices From Harm

The power outlets incorporate circuit-breaker protection and offer several ways to connect your appliances or electrical equipment. There is a 240-volt twist-lock outlet for running single, higher-wattage appliances and electrical equipment, such as water heaters or central air conditioners. There are two 120-volt outlets available for the everyday low-wattage appliances, including fans, TVs, microwaves, computers and toasters. Then there is a 120-volt, 30-amp RV connection for even more usage options.

What’s Included?

  • ETQ TG72K12 Portable Generator
  • wheel kit, handle, and 30-amp RV connection.

Does It Include A Warranty?
Yes, the comes with a 1 year warranty.

What Others Are Saying

The reviews for the ETQ TG72K12 8,250 Watt 13 HP 420cc 4-Cycle OHV Gas Powered Portable Generator have been outstanding, of which 70% of users gave it 5 out of 5 stars. They agreed that this level of power output in a machine of this build quality and robustness is hard to find at this price. So, whilst not cheap by any means, the TG72K12 does represent value for money – both in initial purchase price and running costs.

Many users love this ETQ generator as it is much quieter than the other ones and should not disturb any of our distant neighbors. The box provides adequate padding when shipped. All the parts were present including most of the tools. The battery took a little longer. The unit was in pristine condition with no problems when delivered. Many also mentioned how easy this generator was to start, typically on the first or second pull.

Reviews also commented on the little extras you get like the fuel gauge on the unit (very convenient), the low oil shutoff, the hour meter and the very handy wheel kit which is included.

Any Complaints?

A couple of people commented that this generator is loud but that is to be expected of a gasoline powered generator.  The only real negative reviews for this product came from people that were unfortunate enough to either receive a defective unit or one that was damaged during shipping.  Aside from those very few negative reviews everyone else had nothing but wonderful things to say about this generator.

The Bottomline – Should You Get The ETQ TG72K12?

The ETQ TG72K12 is definitely one of the top gas powered generators available for home use today. Overall, we give the it a 4.5 star rating. If you are getting this as an emergency power source, look no further – you aren’t gonna find anything else that offer this much value for money.

Combining features with the price – you’re in for a definite surprise. Considering that the average home requires just 5,000 to 7,000 watts to power essential appliances, the 8,250 on hand with the TG72K12 should be more than enough to meet your requirements. It’s not the prettiest or quietest machine – but it sure gets the job done.

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