ETQ TG32P12 Generator


Best Portable Generators for Home Use – ETQ TG32P12

Best Portable Generators for Home Use - ETQ TG32P12


Best Portable Generators for Home Use – ETQ TG32P12 OVERVIEW

The gas powered ETQ TG32P12 is a powerful 7 horse portable power generator with 208cc four – stroke heavy duty OHV engine and is capable of producing up to 4000 watts of clean power and 3250 watts running power. An integrated oversized muffler is designed to ensure quiet operation and built with a ultra tough rolled tube steel for added durability. The compact design makes it easy for storage and the integrated wheel kit for convenient transportation. With its 207 cc engine, the unit is surprisingly light weight with just about 105 pounds in total weight. Best price at AMA

Best Portable Generators for Home Use – ETQ TG32P12 Features

  • This is equipped with a recoil start, easy single pull start similar to pull cord start function system of gas powered mowers and with four gallons fuel tank for longer power generation.
  • This can operate for more than thirteen hours with fifty percent power load.
  • Circuit break protected two 120 Volt 20 Amp GFCI protected outlets and a 240 twist lock L14-20R single outlet.
  • Features a sine power alternator for clean power generation which can be used even for the most sensitive electronic gadget to ensure no power out surge.

Best Portable Generators for Home Use – ETQ TG32P12  Key Features

  • The ETQ clean sine alternator is the actual generator that is capable of producing below five percent of the THD total harmonic alteration.
  • The 3250 Watts and 4000 surge Watts being produced by ETQ TG32P12 is more than enough to supply the needed power. This portable generator is also inclusive of an RV adapter.
  • ETQ 7HP 4 stroke OHV engine, air cooled, and with low oil shut down.

Best Portable Generators for Home Use – ETQ TG32P12 Safety Features

This product comes with a dual 20 amps 120 volts (GFCI) ground fault circuit interrupter outlets and a single 240 volts twist lock outlet. And because the two GFCI outlets are ground fault protected, the integrated circuit breaker will automatically shut down when a leak is detected. This is an integrated safety features that helps prevent electrocution should users accidentally get into contact with the generator. The twist lock outlets on the other hand are designed for a more secure connection. Even portable generators have some level of vibration which may cause the loosening of the plug. But with the twist lock outlet, the plug is guaranteed secure regardless of the vibration.

Best Portable Generators for Home Use – ETQ TG32P12 conclusion

At 4000 watts maximum power, the ETQ TG32P12 is a medium size portable generator that is able to handle majority of essential appliances. If you have to use particular appliances with 1000 watts power requirement, you simply have to unplug some of your electronics so as not to overload the system. And because the TG32P12 uses a clean sine alternator, this is safe to use even for the most delicate electronic gadget like computers. There is no risk for power surge because this can generate clean electricity much like the electricity you use in your home. The Clean Sine Alternator Technology of TG32P12 is responsible for its high quality electricity that has minimal level of total harmonic distortion. Best price at AMA


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